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Would be cool to be able to enable a power search feature that can detect synonyms like google search.

For instance on google search if you input "How to cook food" it may pull up a result like "How to bake a recipe"

I'm trying to build a huge archive of transcripts for technical software information but it won't quite work unless there are more power features to the search tool like google.



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@Lendon Bracewell I have this one noted down as well. We will work on polishing the Search Feature later. Currently we are working on a few core things, interesting things 😀


hey @Sid Sahasrabuddhe I know a lot has been said on search so far :) Just to say, I think this could be a priority - I can see a lot of duplicate answers occurring, when someone could just find an answer without having to post. A few times I've posted something, then found the answer later. With coaches involved, this obviously takes a lot of their time.


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