***Internal Member Referrals to create organic flywheel***
Referrals can be a bloodline for businesses, especially with increasing costs of acquisition, but most aren't successfully doing it! This can be a great selling point for skool to compete against other community/course platforms too.
Member referrals where they get rewards, ranking or cash. The admin can select how they want to reward referrals with some or all. Auto distributed cash via stripe.
If members can automatically become affiliates with a simple link already given to them and option for admin to add text to share how to best use that link, add rules and video tutorials, all skool groups would have an organic flywheel that can make funnels more profitable.
Creators can focus on their product/community knowing this will organically grow through internal & likeminded member referrals instead of chasing skeptical cold traffic members who aren't the best fit.
Hyros/clickfunnels have done something like this where you can be an affiliate super easy.
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