Make members notice new posts
Hi friends,
Many of my community members don't notice new posts by other members.
If I don't oversee anything here, Skool doesn't offer something like a notification for new posts, except the email digest with all new topics of the day etc.
The mobile app doesn't show a notification badge for new posts in the community – only for new DMs and reactions to your own posts.
That's a big difference to e.g. Slack, where you get notified in the app for new posts in a channel, too.
This is a problem for me that directly impacts community engagement.
Even I as a community owner don't notice some new posts (which is a significant problem for me as I want to react to most – it's a high-ticket community).
Do you have any best practices or ideas on how to solve this?
As said, on Slack (and FB) you get notifications for new posts so members can see and react.
So far I didn't find a similar solution on Skool.
And the email digest is not enough as many members don't read it.
Would be awesome to find a solution 🙏
Iskender Dirik
Make members notice new posts
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