Moved my Slack community over to Skool, and so far I'm getting pretty negative feedback.
Admittedly, I have not started recording modules and using the Classroom feature.
However, the community feature has some issues.
It doesn't feel conversational. You have to title posts, which while a minor inconvenience is annoying.
Videos that you upload as an attached file don't seem to preview or play in the app - you have to click into the video and download.
Leaderboard isn't customizable.
I noticed that on my phone, there's no "back" button. If I click into someones profile from a community, I can't just click back to return to that community.
Anyway, airing some frustrations and hoping that this can work out.
Anybody else have some growing pains in switching from Discord/Slack to Skool?
Doug Oberbeck
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