Feedback from one of our members who prefers Discord
This may be interesting to the Skool team.
This was posted by one of our members who prefers Discord and has been trying Skool, but can't seem to get into it.
Parts of that may be because he's 16 or 17 years old and into gaming (so a lot of his friends are on Discord) and he may just not be the ideal target for skool. Parts of his complaints also are caused by less optimal management of our community.
This is his post:
"When I first joined the DRVN community, I was eager to FINALLY meet some people who were like me. Ambitious. Disciplined. People who had integrity. And was hoping to even find some people who were doing the same thing I was. ( I’m working on a SaaS company and currently make Roblox games, with a bit of YouTube on the side )
But after watching several past recordings, being a part of a group meeting, and checking this site once every few days, I’ve ended up disappointed. Even though everyone in this community is incredibly nice and ambitious, I had yet to find a new friend I had similar interests with. It’s like in school where you’re in a class, and you like everyone- but your best friend isn’t with you. So for the past few weeks, I’ve just been pretty inactive and just thought maybe I’ll join next week's meeting.. then the next week came around, and I said maybe the next one… it’s been several weeks now, and I still feel like I SHOULD go, not that I want to go.
So… instead of continuing this insanity cycle, I thought it’d be smart and useful if I just listed everything I would do to revamp this community into a place where I’d want to go and not where I feel like I should go.
First things first. Move to Discord. Please. Skool is weird. Let me tell you why.
1) **Twitter Anxiety**
It's hard to have a good conversation with anyone. Skool is like Twitter. Everything you post here on Skool, EVERYONE can see. It's like you're making a public statement to the world- which makes me anxious whenever I think of posting something here. But I'm not here to build a community around myself (like what Twitter is for); I'm here to meet like-minded people!
A good example is when I'd be in school in class- even though I'm a confident person, I would never raise my hand to answer a question because I didn't want to risk everyone seeing I was wrong. Skool feels like this.
2) **No Roles**
On Discord, when someone joins a community, they can select roles with which they identify. Some examples I'd do for this community would be "entrepreneur," "spiritual," "fitness," "coaching," "youtube," etc.
I'd make a discord in which, whenever anyone selects one of those roles, it unlocks a new "Category" you can now see and interact with. In each category, I'd make a "calendar" in which a *category leader could set times and dates in which they'll all meet and talk about that category. And inside of that, I'd also have other text channels. For example, for the "entrepreneur" category, you could do text channels such as "General" (where everyone who is an entrepreneur can type), "Need-Advice" where people can ask questions to further along entrepreneurs, "Best Youtube Vids" where people can post youtube videos about entrepreneurship they think could help others, etc.
*I'd assign "leadership" to a few people for each category (and I'd put you in as the category leader for Youtube ;D), allowing the leaders to make their calendars, edit their category, and plan their events inside the community.
I'd also add an "EVERYONE" category where people post their introductions, a normal general chat where anyone can type and post announcements, and the main schedule. (also, if you do this, please make a channel for posting pictures of your pets :D)
You could even go as far as making it so there is an "Oura" role- where everyone can add each other on Oura and compete with everyone else on their stats. And maybe even whoever has the best stats during a certain week wins a $100 cash prize (or even better... a free 60-minute one-on-one with Leon).
Another example would be the "Meditation" role. You could have Christy Nguyen do free group sessions of her hypnotherapy once a week- which could lead to her getting loads of amazing DRVN members to start becoming paying customers. *You could also partner with start-up companies for things WE ALL NEED, like the best accounting software, the best camera to buy, the best habit tracker software, etc (you can monetize this community with ease, making money while simultaneously helping us)
It'd also be fun if you made a gaming category where I could play games like Valorant or Fortnite with other DRVN members- playing video games together (even though you shouldn't do it all the time) is an amazing way to meet people. Having these "open" voice servers where I can visually see whether people are actively chatting will increase my chances of joining and chatting with other DRVN members. (and gaming with other people is way more fun than alone) *you should also do the same thing with "work sessions" too.
3) **Freinds**
Let's say hypothetically, you meet someone here on Skool and you think they are really cool and want to connect. Instead of DMing them and introducing myself- I found myself simply "following" people and never actually taking action to meet them. But in Discord, adding someone and talking to someone casually is way easier. You could simply just ping them in a text channel with a question, wait for them to join a call, or just simply shoot them a message.
To further prove that Discord is THE MOVE- the only person I've connected with on here, we ended up adding each other in Discord and talking LOL- it's just weird to DM on this website.
Here are some other suggestions I have that I'd do to improve the community.
1) **Guest Speakers**
The one thing that makes this community different from any other self-help community is one thing... Leon Hendrix. Leon Hendrix has connections with other YouTubers and entrepreneurs we could only dream of meeting. If every weekend you had someone like Danny Miranda, Hunter Williams, MrBeast, Mark Manson, or Alex Hormozi do a public talk to DRVN members only where for the first 30 minutes they do some presentation, then you do 40 minutes of Q&A from the community. That'd make this community 100 times more valuable because you're leveraging your connections and giving value beyond talking with other members.
2) **Paid Community**
You should consider doing a paid membership for certain access on your discord server. I'm an entrepreneur making six figures looking for other entrepreneurs making good money to talk to. The best way to do that is by having a $100/month "VIP Entrepreneur" role, unlocking the paid-only category. That way, I can talk to other high-rollers in my field, and you don't need to take any more loans out to fund this thing.
I made this post public instead of just DMing this to Leon because I'm sure so many of you also have amazing ideas to improve this community- and would love to see what we can do to make this community thrive.
Thanks so much for reading- I hope you all are doing amazing! Reach out to me if you need anything!"
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