Design Hack When Sending Your Community On Socials!
Over the last few weeks I've created over 200 different designs for the multiple skool communities I am running.
I want to share these designs with you all as templates, so comment below "template" and if enough people want it I'll drop a free link for everyone!
The hack you want to do is in your about page.
  1. When sharing your group, it will pull the first IMAGE (not video) in the caroseoul.
  2. This image when sending on social is usually limited to a square format, so you want to design this image with that in mind.
I've dropped below how I did this for
And I've also linked what it looks like in the dm's as I know a lot of you have started appointment setting your community!
Hope this helps when you're sharing your community for more members
And again, comment 'template' so I know who's interested!
Ryan Duncan
Design Hack When Sending Your Community On Socials!
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