$46,500 with 1st offer using a Free group in Skool!
And with a brand new industry, I had never done anything in before.
For the last 3 years I´ve grown to be very passionate about what is going on with psychedelics and how they are being used to increase performance. Today, the Navy Seals, pro athletes like Aaron Rogers and countless billionaire entrepreneurs like Sergei Brin use them to increase focus, stamina, energy, memory, creative problem solving, and pattern recognition, just to name e few.
I´ve been casually helping friends with it and kept getting told ¨people would pay for this¨
So, I partnered up with performance psychologist and we started a free group in Skool Called ¨Limitless¨ in August of this year. It was totally scrappy (still kinda is😂) and we just started inviting people we know into it, posting studies, research and articles. The group was dead, I mean crickets, no engagement for what seemed to be forever. We started giving more value with free consults, free samples, we had nothing to sell yet and put a free 5 day bootcamp on the calendar to just give more great info and value.
Long story short, we ended up closing $46,500 in business and should have another $30K by the end of the week!
I hope this inspires some of you to just make the jump! Today I get to talk about what I love all day long while helping a few people in the process. Win/win for everyone!
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