✨Social Media 101 with Madison✨ - 001
Happy New Year Everyone!!! We're going to dive in deep with some really valuable teaching from your coaches moving forward!! I'm going to interchangeably be sharing about Social Media, Design, and Branding! Below is a challenge and I would LOVE to see you all share links to your final videos!
~Three Tips to make your next video stand out!~
In the current social media climate, catching someone's attention is everything, and unfortunately photos just don't cut it anymore. People want personality, someone they can trust, and to feel that value was added to their everyday lives. So here are three tips to follow for your next video post!
#1️⃣ - Know where you are posting!
The orientation of a video can make or break it so make sure you know exactly where you will be posting.
  • Instagram = vertical
  • Facebook = horizontal
  • TikTok = vertical
  • Youtube = horizontal
No one has to know you hate being on camera! Just fake it, who cares!
You have to want your business to succeed SO BAD that you don't care either!!!!!
#3️⃣ - Make your video COUNT
Consumers want value! What are you bringing to the table? Why should they stop and watch your video?? The first three seconds in a video are absolutely VITAL!
Example Script:
❓ - What are you going to tell your consumers about?
"These are the major Do's and Don'ts for your next event!"
❓- Qualify yourself, Who are you?
"In case we haven't met, Hi I'm Madison, I'm your local Keller Event Planner and I'm here to help
your next event runs super smoothly because I've been there and I got you!"
❓- Now tell the consumers exactly what you said you would talk about!
"The major Do is _______" and "The major don't is ______"
Tell them exactly what you're going to give them, qualify your expertise, and then give them exactly what you said you were going to give them!
Comment YOUR next video script!
Use my example script template, fill in your value, and if you're stuck I am here to help!!!
🤩Let's get these videos posted THIS WEEK!🤩
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