LinkedIn social selling
You're scrolling on LinkedIn, and up pops yet another pitch for a product or service you've never even heard of. Yawn, right? But that's the reality of traditional cold outreach. It's becoming as outdated as a VHS tape in an era of streaming and binge-watching.
Once upon a time it was all about quantity, more contacts equalled more conversions. But now LinkedIn is less supermarket sweep and more intimate dinner party where the quality of interactions matters over sheer numbers.
Here are some reasons why traditional lead gen just doesn't cut it anymore:
1️⃣ Lost in translation: Cold messages often end up ignored or worse, – marked as spam. They feel impersonal and out-of-context.
2️⃣ Potential buyers' fatigue: Bombarding prospects with pitches only wears them down. Nobody joins LinkedIn to be sold at constantly.
3️⃣ Algorithms & AI: The tech-savvy platform prioritizes authentic relationships over transactional exchanges (think Beauty & Beast over Tinder).
Change can be tough to swallow. Even if it’s washed down with some vintage Chianti but fear not, out of change comes opportunity.
So let’s embrace the evolution and focus on intentional interactions, on building relationships first and letting those lead us organically to conversions. Subtle? Yes! Effective? Very!
Who among our savvy networkers here have already taken this path when it comes to lead gen on LinkedIn? Share some tips or happy handshakes that happened today. Let's turn our connection into conversations.
Claudiu Jojatu
LinkedIn social selling
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