2️⃣ 🆕 categories to better organize our disscusions
had a great idea. 🙌🏻 To have a space here for B2B storytelling. And we created not one, but 2 new categories to showcase your work, get support, exchange constructive feedback, and ventilate when needed 😅.
‘I did this 💪🏻’ is the best place when you need community support, be it as a reaction to a post, or contribution from your peers.
‘Get feedback 🫶🏻’ is what the title says. 🤓 The place where you can ask for constructive (= ideas to build upon) feedback on your asset, be it a landing page, ebook, article, key visual, video, campaign, tactics, and even a new service, solution, or product.
YOUR contribution is what makes this community flourish. Come join the talk, share what’s on your mind. 🫶🏻
Natalia Dărăbăneanu
2️⃣ 🆕 categories to better organize our disscusions
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A club for B2B marketers all over Europe. We share insights, ideas, and resources.
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