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Kimberly Wright
Ronda Moore
Kim Garst
Susan Daniels
Winnie Fannon
New comment 4d ago
2 likes • Sep 27
Hi @Dustin Stout, glad you joined the community. It's nice to meet you.
1 like • Sep 27
@Alice McCarthy I tell people, "I'm from Massachusetts," because I'm from the Berkshires, and not too many know where that is. I'm guessing you're not from Boston... And, nice to meet you!
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Suzy Rosenstein
Ronda Moore
John Addy
Cynthia Guy
Kim Garst
New comment 23d ago
2 likes • Oct 10
@Anita Wheeler you have great timing! You're going to go through a time warp as you get caught up on the first couple of sessions, they're incredible.
0 likes • Oct 10
@Robin McIntire great choice, but you know that already. ;)
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Grab a cup of Joe ☕ because you are not gonna wanna miss the new issue of our AI Marketing Insider™ Newsletter that just dropped into the AI Marketing Insider Classroom! MAJOR updates this week! Get the latest scoop on key developments in AI with our curated news roundup. We summarize the top stories so you stay informed on what's happening in the world of artificial intelligence. Top News Articles You'll Find in this issue are: 🚀 OpenAI Dev Day Unveils GPT-4 Turbo & More: A Marketer's Dream Come True! 🌐 Europe's Test Run: Could This Be the End of Ads As We Know Them? Google's AI Just Outsmarted Every Ad Agency – Are Your Ads Keeping Up? 🤯 Inside this issue, you'll also find these nuggets: 🌟 Marketing Prompt of the Week 🔦 AI Spotlight: "AI to Audience: Quick AI Prompts for Freebies That Captivate & Convert" 🤩 Weekly AI Tool Superstars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews of the Week 😂 LOL Meme of the Week 🖼️ Visual Image Prompt of the Week 🔮 AI Looking Glass CLICK HERE TO READ MORE >>
John Addy
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Patricia Ogilvie
New comment 27d ago
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It's been such a busy week! I look forward to my weekend AI Marketing Insider Newsletter - there's no telling what new gems that @Kim Garst has dug up for us...🙂
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Barb Mickelsen
Ronda Moore
Carolyn Jenkins
Sue O'Donovan
Kim Garst
New comment Oct 27
2 likes • Aug 14
@Kim GarstThanks for the scoop. I remember you sharing that your hubby is a certified badass. 😮 What never ceases to amaze me is the more experienced the Tier 1 operators that I interact with, the more they seem like the guy next door. Except for the Master Breachers... they all seem a little twitchy. It's all the young dudes that are still training up whose alpha is seeping out of their pores...I can spot them from across the room in a crowded bar. I'll swing back around when I get some meat on the bone.
1 like • Aug 14
@Ronda Moore got it. I've been shy about conversing with ChatGPT once I basically had what I was looking for; I didn't want to blow up what I had. Thanks!
AI Advantage™ Masterclass: Your Unique Brand Voice
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Vanessa Uti
Janice Okoye
Carolyn Jenkins
Kim Garst
Sue O'Donovan
New comment Oct 27
3 likes • Aug 14
I think my head is going to explode. And thank goodness for auto-record on zoom meeting transcripts so I have some "video."
5 likes • Aug 28
@Carolyn Jenkins great observation - I do appreciate how close it gets me to where I want to be. I am a copywriter, so once it gets me in the neighborhood, I cut, paste, and move into "edit" mode. I run any important online copy through Quillbot to check for plagiarism/originality, and it's never, ever even barked at me. ChatGPT with the guidance I've learned from @Kim Garst saves me an EASY 10 hours a week and probably more.
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