Course unlocks at Level 8
Podcast A-Z Course (2023 Edition)
Gain full access to Adrian's Podcast A-Z course (2023 Edition) RRP £199. Alternatively, you can invite 500 people to join the community to get a bumped up to this level (Note: They must be relatively active in the community for 30 days and have a valid interest in podcasting)
Course unlocks at Level 4
Free 30 mins call with Adrian
Free One-on-One with Adrian to question him anything about podcasting
Course unlocks at Level 7
Lunch and Learn with Adrian
An all expenses paid lunch and learn with Adrian, where you can pick his brain for two hours and have lunch with him and his team.
Course unlocks at Level 6
Podcast Create & Launch Checklist (RRP £100)
Access to Adrian's Podcast create, publish and launch checklist which is sure to provide all the questions and things you need to consider before creating and publishing your first Podcast episode!
Course unlocks at Level 5
Introduction to Podcasting (Podcast A-Z 2023)
Full access to the 33 minute long teaching on the introduction to podcasting (taken from Podcast A-Z 2023 Edition). This Covers: -How podcasting works -Podcasting history and stats -Why are you podcasting? -What makes your podcast different? -Common pitfalls of podcast newcomers -The podcast opportunity
Course unlocks at Level 3
Weekly Group Live Q&A with Adrian
A weekly one hour long Group live call with Adrian on Zoom to ask anything about podcasting. Only available to members level 3 or above. Check course in classroom for a link to a call.
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