With 20+ years of personal experience managing my ADHD as a mother and lawyer, I intend to change the global narrative on ADHD with compassion.
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Plano, Texas
I analyse businesses and learn what they do, how they do it and how can they do it differently and more efficiently.
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From Costa Rica, and living in Germany. I design medical equipment. I love a good hike and experiencing new cities like a local.
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I help small and medium-sized business owners convert 20-25% of their website visitors to booked appointments and sales using automated follow-up.
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Untied Kingdom
I'm an aspiring comedian and aspiring podcaster
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I help Podcasts grow!
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I help Coaches, Course Creators, Event & Podcast hosts, to Consistently Get More Growth through Referrals
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Hi all, started recently with a podcast sisters in success with 3 of my cousins and here to learn how to make it more impactful
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Voracious Learner
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Hiya its me Trent Knox
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Marketing and communications specialist interested in learning all things AI
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Dad of 5, psychologist, entrepreneur, podcaster and publisher from the Rhine-Main area 🇩🇪 . Vice-President of ISPPM and Vice-Chairman of EABP e.V.
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Niedernhausen, Germany
I am a Speaker, Content Creator, Life Coach, & pharmacist. I'm committed to helping others embrace wholeness, unlock purpose, & walk in freedom.
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Young, charismatic and conscious. POV: The world is only as colorful as you make it to be.
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Hi, I’m a Yorkshire born, London living Voice over artist with experience in explainer videos, commercials and podcasting; factual and audio fiction.
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Music Producer, Audio Engineer, and Podcast Editor. Here to explore more on Podcast!
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Growing, learning, evolving :)
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I'm pretty new here...lets see great things happen.
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Supply Chain Data analyst at Amazon working on a Careers Podcast :)
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Ex-Crisis Simulation executive.
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Podcast Editor | Live Sound Engineer
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Educator with a communications background looking to start her own podcast
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Daughter of the Most High Wife, Mother Worshipper Academic Lawyer Newbie Interested in Podcasting
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Digital Marketing Manager
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