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Derek Rafie
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Bio: Entrepreneur | 20+ yrs. Commercial Real Estate Investor | B.A., Psychology | Developing a course around life fulfillment and living your best life.
Dragos Ciot
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Bio: Impatience with actions and patience with results
Hubert Kosowski
Poland • INTJ
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Bio: Busy building the life of my dreams.
Tak Naruse
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Bio: Read, Learn, Travel, Live.
Dieva Varest
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Bio: Success.
Martin Darabont
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Bio: A
Zeeshan Ali
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Bio: Zeeshan
Joan Sans
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Bio: Founder @ Witheya
Ratul Hasan
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Bio: In a journey to become Phenomenal.
Abi Vikram
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Bio: Working with Roofers Based in Germany
Olof Westas
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Bio: Sweden, 100K agency
Alex Iliev
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Bio: Helping sales professionals double their revenue in less than 6 months with video ads.
Daniel Morel
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Bio: I'm the Founder of the Co-Op Business Club.
Patrick Straumann
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Bio: marketing and space exploration
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Zoltan Kato
Hey, my name is Zoli, I'm 25 from Transylvania and been a full-time media buyer for three years now. My main platforms are Meta and YT.

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Joined Dec 7, 2022
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