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Bank of America & Wells Fargo
BANK OF AMERICA: - 2/3/4 rule: - Maximum of 2 new BOA cards in a 2-month period - Maximum of 3 new BOA cards in a 12-month period - Maximum of 4 new BOA cards in a 24-month period - Double dip opportunity: You can get up to 3 cards in the same day with only one hard pull. - 7/12 rule and 3/12 rule: - If you have a BOA bank account, you may be denied if you have 7 or more new credit cards in the past 12 months. - If you don't have a BOA account, you may be denied if you show 3 or more new cards in the past 12 months. - 24-month rule: If you cancel BOA cards, you'll need to wait 24 months before applying again. - No hard limit on the number of credit cards, but other bank rules apply. - BOA reportedly pulls from EX for personal and soft pulls TU for CLI on personal cards. - Product changes are allowed and do not affect your credit. - BOA likes a banking relationship and having funds in accounts may increase approval odds. - BOA has a "preferred member" status that adds extra credit card rewards for having money in a checking account. - BOA will expedite cards for valid reasons and may waive the annual fee after 180 days. - Moving credit limits around is allowed and requires a soft pull. - BOA business credit cards do not report to personal credit. WELLS FARGO: - Major rule: One welcome offer from any Wells Fargo card per 16 months. - No limit on the number of Wells Fargo cards, but sign-up offers may be affected by the 16-month rule. - Wells Fargo has a prequalify tool that can be used before applying for the BILT card. - Mixed reports on soft pull/hard pull for CLI on cards, best to confirm with a representative. - Wells Fargo hard pulls for moving limits around on cards. - Product changes result in closing the existing card and opening a new one, no hard pull but no account history/age is retained. - Wells Fargo prefers a banking relationship but may not be necessary for the BILT card. - Double dip opportunity confirmed but rare without a banking relationship. - Wells Fargo business credit cards do not report to personal credit.
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Thanks for sharing this !
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Any data points on applying to BOA business cards without a business checking account? Credit limit sizes? Or if it is highly recommended to open a business checking If not and you have some data points on BOA business cards when you do have a business checking account that is helpful as well? Knowing more about some of their credit limit sizes on their 0% cards would be helpful Thanks!
Citibank šŸ”„
Native Currency: TY Points (Thank You Points) - Citibank is a good alternative if you have had issues with Chase or Amex. - They partner with American Airlines for their AAdvantage cards. - AAdvantage cards earn AA miles, not ThankYou Points. - American Airlines points are highly valuable. - Citibank is relationship-based, so it's best to apply in-branch with a banker you have built rapport with. - Some people are datamined into Citibank without knowing it by using Citi Costco Card or Citi Best Buy card. PULLS FROM: - Citibank usually pulls from Experian. - On the business side, they hard pull EQ for approvals but CLI's go through Experian. RULES: - 1/8 rule: You can only apply for one Citi personal card every 8 days. - 2/65 rule: You can apply for no more than two Citi personal cards every 65 days. - 1/95 rule: You can apply for ONE Citi business card every 95 days. - 6/6 rule: You'll be declined if there are 6 or more hard inquiries on your credit report in the past 6 months. CLI's: - Citibank offers soft pulls for credit limit increases (CLI's). Directly from the portal. - Good spend behavior can allow for a CLI every 91 days. - It's recommended to wait 6 months between CLI requests. BONUSES: - Citibank has cooldown periods for card bonuses. - Different cooldown periods apply to different groups of cards. - Group 1 (Premier, Preferred, Prestige, Rewards+): 24-month cooldown period. - Group 2 (AAdvantage + Custom Cash Cards): 48-month cooldown period. - Group 3 (Citi Double Cash Card): No specific cooldown period. - Closing an account from a card family resets the cooldown clock for that family. - Account closure does not reset the cooldown clock for individual AA cards. BEST PERSONAL CARD: - The AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard is highly recommended. - It offers Admirals Club membership with lounge access for you and your immediate family or up to two guests. - The annual fee is $595. - It has 10 authorized user card slots, each with a $175 fee.
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Wells Fargo Signify Business Cash Credit Card
Iā€™m excited to announce the launch of the Wells Fargo Signify Business Cash credit card, designed specifically for business owners like you. Here are the key details: - $500 Sign-Up Bonus: Earn a generous $500 cash rewards bonus when you spend $5,000 within the first three months of opening your account. - 2% Cash Back: Enjoy a competitive 2% cash back on all purchases made with your card, making it a rewarding choice for your business expenses. - No Annual Fee: This credit card comes with the added benefit of no annual fee, allowing you to maximize your cash rewards without any extra costs. - 0% APR Introductory Offer: Take advantage of a special 0% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for the first 12 months from the date of account opening on your purchases. - Select Branch Availability: Currently, Wells Fargo is accepting applications for the Signify Business Cash credit card in select branches. Please check with your nearest branch for availability. In addition to these features, the Signify Business Cash credit card also offers MastercardĀ® World Elite Benefits, providing you with additional perks and privileges. It's worth mentioning that there are other variations of the card that earn points instead of cash back, such as the Business Card and the Business Elite Card. These cards offer bonus points for meeting certain spending thresholds each month. Please note that the application process may require a hard pull from Experian, a credit reporting agency. For more personalized information and to explore the specific benefits and rewards that best suit your business needs, we recommend reaching out to a Wells Fargo representative or visiting your nearest branch. I hope the summary gives you a clearer understanding of the Wells Fargo Signify Business Cash credit card and its attractive features.
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@Jackie Lavielle This awesome, was waiting to hear more about this card and hoping if you had their past 0% card you can still qualify for this new. I called wells fargo a couple weeks ago to ask that but they didn't have much info. Do yo have any data points in regards to the 27K approval? That's a really solid approval
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@Jackie Lavielle interesting, thanks for that. That 10K in the account probably went a long way! Good to know
Hack de viaje para comprar puntos: Bono doble de Virgin Atlantic Comprar šŸ’Ž
@Zac Repinski cortesĆ­a de nuestro amigo Comprar puntos es otra forma de obtener un valor extra en tus canjes si no tienes muchos puntos disponibles, y es una excelente manera de obtener canjes increĆ­bles si tienes efectivo y no quieres usar puntos. En este momento, Virgin Atlantic tiene una promociĆ³n de bono doble en marcha. Ten en cuenta que Virgin Atlantic Flying Club y Virgin Red son dos clubes de recompensas diferentes bajo el mismo paraguas. Sin embargo, puedes vincular tus cuentas y transferir tus puntos entre ellos. Virgin Atlantic y Virgin Red tienen una oferta para obtener vuelos de premio con un 50% de descuento desde Estados Unidos al Reino Unido. Virgin Red tambiĆ©n ofrece un bono del 70% al comprar puntos. Si planeas viajar a Europa o al Reino Unido este verano, echa un vistazo a esto. Si no, pero tal vez quieres guardar algunos puntos de Virgin para el futuro, tambiĆ©n puedes hacerlo. Yo los uso mucho para reservar mis vuelos nacionales de Delta por tan solo 6,5K-9,5K puntos. TambiĆ©n tienen algunas otras aerolĆ­neas asociadas que puedes reservar a travĆ©s de ellos, pero generalmente cobran algunos cientos de dĆ³lares en impuestos y tasas. AirFrance/KLM Delta TapAir Portugal Hawaiian Airlines Turkish Airlines Singapore Airlines ANA - All Nippon Airways - Puedes verificar la disponibilidad de premios con Singapore al verificar los premios United Saver (aunque la disponibilidad de premios no se mostrarĆ” en el calendario de premios de Virgin, no se puede reservar en lĆ­nea, ya que debes llamar y preguntar por la disponibilidad de premios y reservar por telĆ©fono). Esta es una asociaciĆ³n poco comĆŗn, pero puedes obtener Business por tan solo 47,5K puntos si encuentras una buena oferta. Como siempre, asegĆŗrate de encontrar disponibilidad de premios antes de transferir puntos, a menos que planees usar los puntos en el futuro. Lo bueno es que los puntos del Virgin Flying Club nunca caducan, Ā”no tienen fecha de vencimiento como algunos programas!
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Hack de viaje para comprar puntos: Bono doble de Virgin Atlantic Comprar šŸ’Ž
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Letā€™s go!! Jackie giving travel hacks to the Spanish community!! & I just booked a trip this week to Tulum in September with Hyatt points Doble Victoria āœ… I hope thatā€™s right..
Thank you
I would like to thank everybody they came out yesterday was able to support me in the credit master classšŸ™
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Killed it, and provided a ton of great value and information!
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