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General Updates/Why There’s Been a Delay on Content
Hi everyone. As some of you are aware, I’ve been creating a series called Guerrilla Breathing & Self-Improvement Tactics (GBSIT), and we currently got six chapters of the series under our belts. I want to thank everyone who’s supported the content through viewership, comments and donations. With that said, some of you might have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. As this series is supposed to be a daily commitment, I want to clear the air about the delay and what I will be doing moving forward. As many of you know, I currently deal with Type 1 Diabetes. As time progresses, this illness gets more and more hectic to deal with, primarily due to medical costs and unstable living environments. As a result, I haven’t had access to 1 of the 2 necessary insulins that keep my blood sugar in check for the past 5 days. I can usually go about 2 - 3 days in this mode before things go south. However, since early yesterday, I’ve gotten increasingly sick. I’ve been barfing, there’s pain in my legs, and moving around feels like a Herculean labor. This not only affects my ability to function, but specifically, it greatly impedes my ability to work. As such, I will be checking myself into a hospital tomorrow. I would do it today, but I have to wait until I get paid to take an Uber there. I’m not calling an ambulance because I’m staying in a hostel. That hostel already dealt with emergency personnel during my self-deleting attempt, and I don’t want to possibly get banned for be a trouble tenant. I wanted to get this out to you all before now, but the body weakness, fatigue and profuse nausea has been extremely taxing. Part of the reason I’m going to the hospital is because it gives me a place to stay while I’m trying to get back into some level of order. Since I’m a writer, I can get some work done without having to worry about running out of money for lodging and/or food. I apologize for putting myself in a position where I didn’t hold up to my self-instilled obligations. From this point forward, I’m gonna make some changes to the format of the series. At this time, trying to post everyday is not wise for me. Even before I got sick, I found myself running behind schedule. As such, the GBSIT Series will be posted every other day starting on Monday. I’m not going to promise posts before then because… I’m really sick lol. It hurts to do almost anything, but this is the most energy I’ve had in 40 hours.
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@Enoch Abraham Focken hecks, when reading I was hoping you are currently taking a well deserved 5 star warrior rest to recoup, regroup, rejuvenate and come out healthy and ready for flow and wealth, sorry to hear what you've been going through and that it didnt work out that way ... dontsayitdontsayitdontsayitdon- try another hospital maybe?
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@Enoch Abraham @Joana De Almeida hahahahahahHAAHAHAahaha laughing it out is prolly one of the best gifts in life , that and ofcourse "it" being fluffy joyful thing with the genre comedy rather than dark comedy , but yk what I mean, perhaps we can be peaceful warrior? *side stretch with warrior facepaint* also for what its worth I learned from my afuouewgfusdflhsdja recently that when creating these kind of happenstances for ourselves "pushing through" is not really the way to go 'I say learned I mean one of the lessons I gleaned... implementation is a whole other story' May God bestow upon us the clarity to glean the correct messages with the correct interpretation, and help us anchor , implement , and embody these lessons fully. So we can close dem cycles once and for all and the lessons needn't keep comma knocking and getting louder, peskier and hurtier
Passed out Releasing 5 Trauma Imprints
Good afternoon fam. I experienced an unfortunate experience today, thankfully I’m on. I don’t do breathwork often but I want to do it more and revisited some of the shorter guides this past week and wanted to go deeper. I was doing the guided breathwork of Releasing 5 Primary Trauma Imprints today and I was at the first breathhold, about 45 minutes in. Mind you I was in my sauna sitting up , was this a major mistake? Probably but can someone elaborate? Emotions were rolling in, I was tingling throughout and Brian instructed to do the first breath hold and I woke up on the floor of my sauna with my wife freaking out. Thankfully my head and neck did not go thru the glass. I wanted to jump back into the rest of the session, outside or the sauna and lying down but would that have been ok for me as well or did I just reset the whole experience. I fee clear and calm, even though my neck hurts.
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@Ron Gray interesting, have you tried breathwork in water?
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@Jeremy Stockton hahahhahahaha *hands you award for best comment*
New Year Breathwork Journey
Happening at 10:30am!
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Love your journey themes <3
The Breathwork Revolution Community: My Personal Love Story
How’s everybody doing today? For those of you who have been active in the recent week, you may have taken time to read my latest posts. The past year has been a gauntlet, and on many occasions I felt like my life was over. However, in less than a week, I’ve managed to overcome obstacles in a fashion that’s honestly magical. I put my faith in the ability to transmute the strife into beneficial and joyful experiences. Moreover, my work on this community has been a primary anchor for this transformation. As such, I want to take some time to express genuine and unabashed gratitude for this presence this community holds. While I take credit for setting the manifestation in motion, The Breathwork Revolution Community has been a central outlet for this manifestation to shine through. All of the normally contentious aspects of social media platforms are completely absent from this place. No ego postering, no conflict around personal ideals, no toxic media. It’s just a group of genuine people who are committed to making the world better. Even if the commitment is centered around their own personal lives, the authenticity, understanding and honesty from everyone in this community is powerful. I feel like I can be myself here, both with the pleasant and sometimes unpleasant aspects of my life experience. I want to take the time to shoutout a few individuals with whom I share a special bond here with. @Brian Kelly The first person I want to acknowledge is the man who birthed our wonderful community. I want to express gratitude not only bringing us together, but for the genuine ability to show that a commitment to generosity and kindness does win. When I first got involved with this work, I was waiting for the Catch-22 to pop up. But there was no hidden agenda; this brother has consistently facilitated the most accessible self-help material that I’ve ever seen. He’s found legit way to freely share breathwork techniques that are worth thousands of dollars. Moreover, despite the large community of people who use his work, Brian finds ways to give back on a personal level. When I was living in Atlanta and was lost on how to get myself straight, Brian contacted me directly. Without hesitation, he gifted me the book “29 Gifts”. Although it took me several months to actively work with the material in this book, the creation of the Guerrilla Breathing & Self-Improvement Tactics Series owes its existence to that book. Brian had no obligation to gift me with this book, but the brother is just THAT GUY! There’s no myth about him, he’s just The Man, The REALITY, and The Legend.
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awww considering I spent a good portion of the night and morning dealing with "food poisoning" and then shouting at the british prime dipshit in my head (and a little outloud ... publicly) this is such a delightfully timed pat on the back and restorative human gesture. Me any time anyone expresses an extent of decency/ niceness/ goodness towards/ at me : What Do You Want -.-'' Challenge Accepted tho, its a new paradigm and I'm happy for this avenue to test it out :"D Also I didn't actually know what it meant untill I came across this clip :# Srsly tho Thank you so much, I appreciate your kindness, sincerity, honesty, creativity, taking the time to express yourself so thoroughly ( a breath of fresh air ) Someone Else Who Didn't Attend The Global talking is not in fact thinking aloud woooohooooo! :D I found myself often recently blaming certain loved ones with whom I used to have delightful expansive discussions and disagreements even for making me think I could do that with just anyone, and the subsequent varying measures of hour long agitating infuriating discussions / what felt like practicing for the olympics of exercising futility/ a less conducive equivalent to talking to the wall (and that's a factual experiential statement) :D so to find someone with such understanding, perceptive, relevant discussions expansion, ideas, knowledge, and unrestricted expression, as you said invaluable. Thank you. I'd like to take a moment to corroborate your expressed gratitude for Brian and his generosity, one of my profound moments of intense appreciation was after I did my first BW journey, then shortly after was kicked out from where I had moved to , but was signed to translate a book so that I wouldn't be on the street, while waiting for the downpayment in my then usual excited disregard for timelines and "reality" :"D (I was one million percent sure I would join a retreat that costs a house mortgage in my currency) so ofcourse the certification too, and I had decided to start with MB30 with that downpayment, to which Brian with zero hesitation just gifted it to me (which saved me some unpleasantness) not to mention helped me a lot during that very hectic time. Also to the lovely souls of this community, I hope we can continue to cultivate honesty, truth, free expression, support, safe space, spacious expansion, growth, the restoration of faith in humanity and all the other goodies available to us here.
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@Enoch Abraham Thank you, dassaactually a character flaw unless tweaked though, but glad to hear and grateful for the insights. Here's another personal flaw (that could also be turned around) at play , 3 guesses as to what ; I understand as you said them maybe doing that for desperation to "saveyou" and how frustrating it could feel , any chance they didn't know though? perhaps that's actually what they thought, its what I think based on having helped many people in the US apply for housing and food assistance and such. Anyweh good thing das all a different past trajectory, here the laws are (I really hope they changed and its actually were) a hefty fine (thousands) and significant jail oh you feel so miserable that you overcame the body's strongest survival mechanisms to End Your Life? well you aint seen nothing yet :")) at least I learned where my Momma got her "if you don't stop crying I'll give you something to cry about" from :"D Anywho, I'm glad and grateful we made it through , and that's an amazing goal and mine too , tho whatever do you have against wands and pointy hats -.-' may we find the best most fruitful enjoyable pure and true paths towards that goal , although in all likelihood it's like frantically searching for what we already have, as one of my absolute favorite verses of Quraan says " And We are closer to him than his jugular vein "
First day
Did day one breathwork challenge and it felt amazing, it is kind of like wim hof breathing but this one is better explained so I got the full experience, thanks a lot!!!
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Awesome, let us know how day 4 goes (if you feel like it) :"D and welcome aboard
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