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Tony Wilson
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Bio: Pro Stock trader of 33 years, began as a "Runner" on the exchange floor. My free book
Khaled Alfadli
• Active 81d ago
Bio: investing time, effort and money in property. I believe I can reach financial independent. there are many skills I have can expand my portfolio. thnx
Alfred Eko
• Active 300d ago
Bio: Resilient, Optimistic and Enthusiastic
Seyi Adesina
• Active 1d ago
Bio: I'm goal driven and I love to learn and improve myself and others. I currently live and work in the Philippines
Uzor Eberechukwu
• Active 398d ago
Bio: Zinnybeauty. Simple by nature
Don Pickersgill
• Active 407d ago
Bio: Trade foex
Tekla Uuligi
Extetion 4 buldtogether
• Active 404d ago
Bio: I am tekla interested to do this course and am trying very hard to achieve things and successful l am people person and l am exellen communication .
Sirine Mchergui
• Active 205d ago
Bio: when there is a will there is a way
Varney Ross Jr
• Active 417d ago
Bio: I am a Liberian and love Technology services
Louisa Englebrecht
• Active 182d ago
Bio: I am a TEFL Teacher online and I would like to create my own website so that all people over the world can access it easily.
Mohinur Raimova
• Active 419d ago
Bio: Country:Uzbekistan Pronouns:she/her Age:200*
Conrad Paul
• Active 4h ago
Bio: manifesting the dream staying positive sticking to the road map and visualising daily
Timothy Mosquera
• Active 411d ago
Bio: Freelancer in the making!
Siyabonga Ngidi
• Active 291d ago
Bio: Siya Ngidi is from South Africa, Durban. I'm a beginner online entrepreneur. Eager and passionate about digital marketing.
Achille Kalinda
Kigali, Rwanda • INFP
• Active 406d ago
Bio: Rwandan by nationality. I'm an ICT Teacher in an elementary school. I'm a Google Certified Educator. Looking up to becoming a digital entrepreneur.
Boe Morison
ATL Georgia
• Active 22d ago
Bio: Executive director at world financial group.
Michelle Clough
NSW Australia
• Active 6d ago
Bio: Director at world financial group. We are into; blockchain, investment, BTC mining, real estate, insurance.
Arienne Gallinero
• Active 420d ago
Bio: I had a 17 years of working experience in the BPO Industry. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Economics from St. Mary's College.
Ira Nikolaevna
• Active 373d ago
Bio: Hi everyone. My name is Ira. I am living in Dubai at the moment. Looking for the new opportunity. Happy to join our community.
Fru Fonguh bless tizi
• Active 396d ago
Bio: I am a Cameroonian called FONGUH BLESS from the North West Region, Bamenda. I am a graduate of law
Egbe michael Egbe
• Active 212d ago
Bio: Hi, am Myke from Cameroon. Am passionate about having a great career in Digital Marketing and I trust this course is gonna be a milestone.
Nicodemus Achuo
• Active 420d ago
Bio: I am Nicodemus Achuo from Cameroon based in Yaounde.I am the CEO of Rehoboath Dealings International.I am digital oriented and i'm here to learn more.
Ibrahima Sanogo
Cote d'Ivoire
• Active 18d ago
Bio: Cool and very good man, friendly and enthusiastic, and like digital marketing, AI, social media marketing, and digital com.
Ejimole pauline Nnadiekwe
• Active 428d ago
Bio: I’m originally from Nigeria buy living in dublin ireland,I have bachelor’s degree in marketing and management,I want a certificate in digitalmarketing
Azeh Adna
• Active 371d ago
Bio: Hi, I am Azeh Adna. I am a business student working towards a BBA and I believe that everything I learn with Skool will be of help to me in the future
Gcina Xulu
Johannesburg, South Africa.
• Active 423d ago
Bio: 6th Element Productions/Records.👽™ [Audio Visual Media Company]🤖
Nelson Mtumbuka
• Active 411d ago
Bio: Business Advisor
Laveena Archers
Sedona, Arizona
• Active 428d ago
Bio: I mentor business consultants to empower ambitious entrepreneurs with productive team engineering for a profitable enterprise without micromanagement.
Grace Lukombo
• Active 122d ago
Bio: Working in retail industry, and it's gives me more interest to join the Digital marketing field
Joseph Leon Dia
• Active 385d ago
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