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  • Shawn Sherfey
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    Bio: Sales closer. Love the beach and traveling to new places.
  • Jeanmarei Tenuto
    • Active 23d ago
  • Lindy Hockenbary
    • Active 25d ago
    Bio: Author of "A Teacher's Guide to Online Learning"
  • Felicity Kaye
    • Active 30d ago
    Bio: Writer and English tutor.
  • Kami Olufowobi
    • Active 31d ago
    Bio: Connectologist. Global Thinker. Local Impact.
  • Rosanne Tersigni
    • Active 32d ago
  • Ramarao Garimella
    • Active 33d ago
    Bio: I graduated from Andhra University India, joined the Navy direct as an officer, retired as Commander, and sailed as a ship captain. I love writing.
  • Ron Greenfield
    • Active 35d ago
    Bio: Chief Marketing Officer for a Lead Generation Company, owned & operated Fitness Facility and was SR VP & Partner in a Health Care Company....
  • Jackie Stavros
    • Active 35d ago
    Bio: I am a professor and on a mission to change our world of conversations - one conversation at a time to create environments that can work for all.
  • Brahm Sharma
    • Active 35d ago
    Bio: Cofounder and CEO
  • Jayantha Fernando
    • Active 35d ago
    Bio: Im a professional coach, coach trainer, mentor coach and the founder president of the ICF Colombo Chapter
  • Britt Malka
    • Active 5d ago
    Bio: Addicted to writing and reading. I have a crazy cat-loving dog who talks and a fat cat of a slender breed (Siamese). Oh, and 2 kids.
  • Mark Daniel
    • Active 35d ago
    Bio: I'm a brand strategist and consultant. I've worked with global brands and I see first hand the importance and impact a book can have on a brand.
  • Christopher Salem
    • Active 35d ago
    Bio: Business owners and leaders hire him to double and triple their business revenue and increase their net profit margin .
  • Katherine Akbar
    • Active 35d ago
    Bio: Career success services entrepreneur & human solidarity activist. My first book is on Interview Aikido, a conversational technique that opens doors.
  • Curt Dilon
    • Active 26d ago
  • Thela Rachelle Thatch
    • Active 35d ago
    Bio: I am SHE-E.O., Executive Consultant, writer, coach, professor and over all BOSS!
  • Martye Joyce
    • Active 36d ago
    Bio: 20 years of experience in complex technology mistakes, lessons learned, business development and leadership. Continuing to be a work in progress!!
  • Suzanne Funk
    • Active 38d ago
    Bio: an author I want to take my writing to the next level
  • William Loeber
    • Active 34d ago
    Bio: I am currently working on a fictional novel dealing with politics, set in San Diego. My 2020 book was on military career transition to civilian life
  • Susana Borda
    • Active 37d ago
    Bio: Entrepreneur
  • Steve Bannister
    • Active 2d ago
    Bio: Drug development chemist
  • Joseph Kelwadi
    • Active 39d ago
    Bio: Looking forward to publishing my book this year.
  • Michael Carney
    • Active 38d ago
    Bio: Long-time marketer, traditional and digital, author, playwright, strategist
  • Erfan H
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  • Ian Barr
    • Active 29d ago
    Bio: I specialise in erotic fiction
  • Andrew Fuller
    • Active 39d ago
    Bio: Book junkie and compulsive writer
  • Rejoyce Owusu
    • Active 38d ago
    Bio: Rejoyce Owusu has a passion for people, and it shows.
  • Annette Ermini
    • Active 39d ago
    Bio: Selectwoman, Community Leader, and Real Estate Professional with design and marketing background. Loves wellness, great food, green-living, and fun!
  • Gregory Deitchler
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Vikrant Shaurya

I help coaches and consultants 10x their leads, clients, profit, and brand with a bestselling book.

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