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Michael Garman
Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Bio: Innovation specialist transforming into an Innovation generalist. I am the Senior Innovation Manager at Hamilton Beach working hard to reinvent myself
Dan Mendelsohn
• Active 49d ago
Bio: I'm a dad, a husband, an outdoor enthusiast and connoisseur of games. For work I am a product strategist working across a portfolio of products
Michael Harrison
Portland, Oregon
• Active 428d ago
Bio: Neuroscience educated, dance floor sophisticated, digitalization expert working in renewable energy looking to be better tomorrow than he is today.
Jennifer Parker
Colorado, USA • ENFP
• Active 75d ago
Bio: I'm a scrum master and have always had a passion for creative workshops. I love to run in my free time.
Johan Holst
Stockholm, Sweden
• Active 12h ago
Bio: Product Designer, Prototyper and Facilitator. Freelanced on the AJ&Smart consultancy team during 2022. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.
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Victor Sirgado
Passionate about harmonizing the realms of business, life, and creativity.

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Joined Feb 18, 2021
Bend, Oregon
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