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Aunty Establishment
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Bio: Question everything and do your own research.
Paula Daly
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Bio: I’m here to adapt and learn how to be in new ways ❤️ I am a Intuitive diagnostician 🧬 Following your heart will always create love and joy 🥰
Zaafir Salam
United Kingdom
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Bio: Building Metasurfer School.
Víctor Ventura Muñoz
España • ENTP
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Bio: Remembering why I came here. Remembering how blessed I am. Remembering that my life is sacred.
Ricky Rodriques
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Bio: I'm a lifelong student, always seeking wisdom and knowledge.
Dallas Collis
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Bio: Recovering from cancer, focus on nutrition and exercise, consuming health content. Starting over in life. Excited to learn and grow.
Yusuf E
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Bio: who's your alter ego?
Andrej Dratschuk
Essen, Germany
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Bio: Writing, coffee, and boxing. My community:
Krishna Yadav
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Bio: 17
Michael Essien
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Bio: I do client acquisition for Growth operators Helping you get your ideal creator client within 60 days
Aleksis Fridemanis
Latvia, Riga
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Bio: Scaling Creators & Coaches with Build & Release Sales System Infrastructures
Laura Roman
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Bio: Helping businesses gain more leads, sales and profit by sending simple messages on their phone. Interested? DM me.
Sarah Johnson
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Bio: Success Director for loud rumor + CO-Founder for The Chiro Lead Generators.
Nico Coffi
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Bio: I'm a 16 year old Copywriter who is currently living in the Philippines!, Planning to make my own SMMA agency when I turn 18. Nice to meet you!
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