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Bio: yr
Simon Hossain
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Bio: I Build a Great Sales Team!
Calum Spiegel
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Bio: Beginning my Entrepreneurial journey
Thomas Richter
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Bio: Ich mache leidenschaftlich E-Commerce und habe einen eigenen Shop.
Laura Eleanor
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Bio: Be confident in everything you do.
Ryan Slingerland
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Bio: Owner of Teenswork Canada🍫 Day Trading & Investing 💻📈 Entrepreneur 🔥 Sports 🥅 🏒
Nicolas Eastwood
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Bio: Starting out, let’s see where it goes
Josh Pereira
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Bio: Owner of Creditshop, Niagara Falls Premium shop for vintage and streetwear
Steven Riddick
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Bio: I retired from the US Postal Service after 36 years. I'm a veteran of the US Air Force. I'm reliable, dependable and a team player.
Kyle McLaughlin
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Bio: Father, Grandfather, Husband, Teacher, Aspiring Entrepreneur
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Bio: I like long walks on the beach
Matt Dec
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Bio: Entrepreneurmatt ☑️
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Bio: .
Madds Media
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Bio: content marketer & creator
Charles Todd
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Bio: Master trainer
Carson Carter
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Bio: I’m Carson
Spiros Papadopoulos
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Bio: Cofounder of oneBeeHouse Organic Raae honey
Andy Cuviella
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Bio: Traveler, and fitness coach
Jeanne Whyte
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Bio: Business owner. Mother of 3.
Josh Lamburg
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Bio: Be brave. Achieve more.
Roshaun Miller
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Bio: Dropshipper💰
Seth Horstman
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Bio: .
Kristina Marino
Montreal • INFJ
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Bio: Growth Consultant @ StaffUp
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