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Ramon Nastase
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Bio: Founder & | Author of 5 Books | CyberSecurity Nerd | Helping SaaS Founders Scale to $1.2M/year in Sales in 9 months
Devon Meadows
Run ads to your Skool • ENFP
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Bio: The Skool Facebook Ads Guy 🤙 I'm also the founder of Awake Happy 🪄
Jon Penberthy
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Bio: So... Marketing. Am I right?
Ted Carr
Dubai • ENFP
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Bio: Skool investor. I help Skool users (for free) set up & grow profitable Skool communities from scratch. DM me 'SKOOL' & I'll help you get set up & grow
Evelyn Weiss
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Bio: 💚 I help coaches build high-value, low-ticket memberships 🌱 Founder of Coach Growth Hub 🥰 10,000+ paying monthly members 💙 Wife, Boy & Beagle Mama
Sam Ovens
Los Angeles, CA • INTJ
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Bio: CEO @ Skool.
Chris Spearman
Dubai 🇦🇪 • INTJ
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Bio: PhD in Cancer Research to High Ticket Sales Guru 🐺 Helping Anyone, Anywhere, To Sell Anything 💰 #AlwaysBeClosing
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Tj Ehrich
$0 to $470,000 in sales in my first 12 months on Amazon. 7 Figure Entrepreneur.

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Joined Feb 14, 2024
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