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Alice LS Ho
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Bio: A Triplets Mum trying to breakthrough 😊
Dymond Lee
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Bio: Hello Everyone! Doing SMA together and excited for the now!
Brigitte Vandelaar
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Ana-Z Teran
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Bio: Love Chihuahuas. I am a permanent student. Came to USA 42 y ago. I am very proud to say that I am a Christian.
Carmen Wright
Alberta, Canada
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Bio: Happy to be here to continue this journey of self discovery and honour my full potential.
Ruth Stewart
Victoria BC Canada
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Bio: I’m living in Victoria on Vancouver Island,west coast of Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ My hubby and I joined LMA in May of 2023 so so happy I did 😎
Anitra Lawson
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Bio: Longing and discontent is life's way of telling you there's more to life than this!
Michael Cheng
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Bio: Engineer, father of 2 adult girls, love to travel, read, hiking, music
Anitra Lawson
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Bio: There's more to life, I just know it! On the path to finding it.
Ingrid Kangas
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Bio: Hi my name is Ingrid, I truly LπŸ’–VE life & I am so incredibly grateful to be here right now, connecting with other who are growing also πŸ€©πŸ’•
Sarah Brown
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Danny De Hert
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Lise Pratt
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Bio: Hi everyone, just completed the Live 1st LMA - well I listened n did some of the exercises...but need to go back through it all thoroughly!
Susanne Liersch
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Catherine Alfke
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Bio: My lovely LMA family, we are gathered here today to kick ass in this thing called life!! So let’s go CRAZY and enjoy every moment!! πŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Allison Roberge
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Jesse Beebe
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Bio: I’m working as a mental health therapist but want to work as a real estate investor full time. I had good training 6 years ago but fear paralyzed me.
Tomeka Munford
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Bio: Ray of sunshine...
Henry Shee Choon Ping
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Bio: I am henry from Penang Malaysia.I had 2 boys and I am currently into running playing guitar and music
Silvia Costa
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Bio: Hi I am Silvia, I love to dance and travel. I believe in learning something new every day and I live by one simple rule: love conquers all.
Nazanin Mitra
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Bio: I am Committed to change my life and break the generational trauma in my family once and for all.
Ethel Maharg
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Bio: I am a professional speaker that loves helping people believe in themselves. I challenge their thinking, help them discover their purpose.
Shaun Adams
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Bio: Hello I'm Shaun!
Deirdre Brill
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Bio: Mom of 3 little ones!
Julie Moy
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Bio: Hi - I'm Julie and I live in Cornwall. I'm mentoring students & retirees to earn an extra income at those in-between stages of life.
Charlotte Gray
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Bio: I am a native Angeleno (Los Angeles) who moved to Columbus, Ohio, towards the end of the pandemic to be closer to my twin daughters and grandson.
Diane Groth
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Bio: Dr. Diane Groth is a cybersecurity engineer with experience in government, industry, and university professor. She lives in Maryland, USA.
Rebecca Fuller
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Bio: Much better looking in real life πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
Joalande Joseph
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Bio: My name is Joalande (AKA Jojo). I am a wife and mother of two wonderful kiddos and I live in Toronto Canada with my family.
David Cabba-Gestalk
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Tim Han
Hey πŸ‘‹πŸ½ I'm Tim Han, originally born in Seoul, South Korea now residing in the UK. I ❀️ self-growth & changing lives. Join me on this wild ride! πŸš€

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Joined Nov 25, 2022
London, UK
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