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Kyle Barrett
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Michael Mooney
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Bio: I’m here to learn from the best
Omar Moossun
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Bio: Nothing changes if nothing changes.
Terrese Talley
California • ENFJ
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Bio: 🌿☕️🌧️
Georgios Tsironis
Megara, Greece
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Bio: Feel free to book a call with me:
Sam Konzem
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Jian Kirstine Tupaz
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Bio: I won’t let my limiting beliefs stop me from moving forward
Jonathan Mutia
Temecula CA • INFJ
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Bio: Currently a Setter For BNB Investor Academy | Looking forward to making new relationships while also growing my sales career
Sebastian Boord
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Bio: Looking to learn and grow as fast as possible.
Avai Kochanoff
Nova Scotia, Canada
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Bio: Work in sales and want to become an expert at the close!
Ginger Quartimon
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Bio: Lover of spas, health & wellness. Ready to help others change their lives. Book mocks here:
Kelly Silva
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Bio: Faith can Move mountains. Matthew 17:20
Gary Bowman
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Bio: On track to be a 🔥 closer
Estevan Fuenzalida
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Bio: Newbie to sales. Excited to learn and grow with all of you. Looking forward to this awesome opportunity.
Arnaldur Ásgeir Einarsson
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Bio: Wifi money here I come😎🚀
Glen Iverson
Regina sk
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Bio: My name is Glen, I enjoy friends, fellowship, faith, travel and adventure. Looking forward to this opportunity.
julio Neftali Cruz
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Bio: "Do not judge me by my successes; judge me by how many times I fell and got back up again."
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Thomas Gutierrez
Finding joy in the tapestry of our own lives creates a shared sense of warmth and connection.

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