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Ollie W
Dorset, England
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Bio: 16/yr. Entrepreneur $800k + In Ecom
Hamza Rahimi
Toronto, ON
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Bio: just want to be able to provide for my family
Dale Adams
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Bio: Social media strategist
Kwaume Ali
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Bio: Some ppl request to be on here so
Furqan Azim
Norway • ENFJ
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Bio: .
Sanket Kondigire
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Bio: "Appointment setter with a passion for connecting opportunities."
Vaibhav Rangrej
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Bio: @itsvaibhavrangrej | Medical Student
Ishaan Dubey
• Active 49d ago
Bio: 16 year old boy with ambitions
Md Opeyemi
• Active 72d ago
Bio: I will be your Professional Gohighlevel expert, GHL website design, funnel building, Workflow Automation, Chatgpt integration
Seg's Digitals
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Bio: A Digital Marketing Expert. I Specialize In building website and funnel, I'm an expert in this field.
Sarah Rodriguez
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Bio: marketing for netflix and working on building my own agency on the side
Alex Weatherby
• Active 54d ago
Bio: Alex George Weatherby | 19 Chasing purpose.
Liam Mantero
South Africa • ISFP
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Bio: All advice welcome. 17 yrs old South African 🇿🇦
Daighton Wood
• Active 139d ago
Bio: Birmingham. Young mind trying to avoid the rat race.
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Thomas Duckering
18, UK, Agency and that| Insta: @duckering_

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