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Maryam Gaffoor-Russon
Western Cape, South Africa
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Bio: I am a Transformational Core Coach & Holistic Healing Therapist & Training Provider. I specialize in Emotional Release & Balancing.
Hazel Rivera
β€’ Active 2d ago
Bio: I founded two companies. I am the Chief Elegance Officer of The Essential Lifestyle Woman and The Essential Image & Etiquette Institute,
Elizabeth Smith
β€’ Active 5d ago
Bio: Whole body (wholistic) wellness combined w/ metaphysics & music is my first love. Real Estate Curator. Growing with others towards abundant wealth.
Mehul Mehta
β€’ Active 19h ago
Bio: Aspiring Business Coach - SME Banker for more than 20 years Real Estate Investor - NLP trainer
Aggeliki Faita
β€’ Active 10h ago
Bio: I work as a life coach, helping people tackle challenges, set goals, and live their best lives. My passion is to help supermoms navigate life's chaos.
Amber Green
β€’ Active 14h ago
Bio: I'm Amber Green, a Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor. My dream is to create a virtual fitness course for 40+ women.
Cathy Hernandez
Georgia, USA
β€’ Active 1d ago
Bio: Hi I'm Cathy, I'm a Professional Video Spokesperson & Fiverr Pro. Wife and mom of 2, currently enjoying life in Georgia. Follow: tiktok @cathytalk
Alban Delsart
β€’ Active 73d ago
Bio: AlbΓ‘n Delsart! Nutrition and gym saved my life. God Bless.
Dennis Powell
β€’ Active 5h ago
Bio: I coach and mentor small businesses and individuals to improve leadership skills and achieve growth goals.
Christina Bozeman
β€’ Active 8d ago
Bio: Experience Registered Nurse of 29 years and Mission to Lift each Individual to reach their Highest Potential.
Mark Augustine
β€’ Active 37d ago
Bio: Aloha! my name is Mark Augustine. Father, husband, and Son. My coaching focus is working with men with families. Helping them process situations.
Stephanie Julia-Suriano
β€’ Active 79d ago
Bio: Meditation Teacher and Yoga Therapist
Marcel Verhorstert
The Netherlands
β€’ Active 6h ago
Bio: Experienced business owner who has a passion for coaching, marketing, sales and running a business.
AndrΓ© Ulriksen
Sandnes, Norway
β€’ Active 42d ago
Bio: I am a Mindfulness Coach in Norway. I have a dream of makeing Norway depression-free and that everyone in Norway will become a member of this tribe :)
Shama Sher
Toronto, Canada
β€’ Active 1d ago
Bio: Educator, Traveller, Action Oriented, Love Learning about Human Behaviour
Marcin Zytek
β€’ Active 8d ago
Bio: I'm fascinated about coaching. Completely amateur coach which recognized -people I know are listening meSo I decided to find courses and Here I am .
Jessica Segerhorn
β€’ Active 20d ago
Bio: Hello, My name is Jessica and I work as a teacher's assistant and coach students today, want to improve my skills.
Julie Crompton
β€’ Active 14d ago
Bio: I am a Hollistic Life Coach, Nlp Practitioner. I survived 18 years of severe depression an 2 suicide attempts. Changed my life to help others
Youssef El Haddadi
β€’ Active 96d ago
Bio: Youssef El Haddadi. I am a BA holder in English Language, an ADP of Business Management holder and a MBA in executive management holder.
Caroline Heath
β€’ Active 10d ago
Bio: A Mum of 3, Business Owner and Strategist now on a mission after finding her purpose in life after a traumatic turn of events. Turning her life upside
Roxanne Vaudreuil
β€’ Active 8h ago
Bio: Intuitive healer aspiring to help people heal & understand how childhood and generational trauma has influenced & directed their life.
Renee LaBossiere
β€’ Active 3d ago
Bio: Holistic Early Childhood Professional facilitating play for children, reminding adults the importance of play & how to bring play back into their life
Jack Harris
β€’ Active 4d ago
Bio: Trauma-Informed Personal Skills Coach @ KSTSSIPACE
Carol Slack
β€’ Active 13h ago
Bio: Mother, Primary teacher, Great Britain Martial Arts Team Athlete; Expert Coach & generally awesome… It’s never too late to start something new!
Kelly Giles
β€’ Active 111d ago
Bio: Hi everyone. I’m a Wedding planner turned Celebrant turned Relationship Coach.
Megs Boxsell
β€’ Active 111d ago
Bio: I help couples to uncouple. Guiding them through divorce without the complicated drama, high cost, and pain, finding peace and acceptance.
Jon Rowe
Plymouth Devon Uk
β€’ Active 54d ago
Bio: With a profound dedication to fostering growth and healing, I embodie the essence of a compassionate and skilled therapeutic professional.
Parvez Iftekhar
β€’ Active 116d ago
Bio: I am parvez iftakhar
Carrisa Hyde
β€’ Active 99d ago
Bio: Trying to live life to the fullest
Maryellen Thorp
Alexandria VA β€’ INFP
β€’ Active 10d ago
Bio: I help individuals heal and become their best selves by overcoming limiting beliefs, feelings of being stuck, and obstacles holding them back.
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