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Jesus Angel
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Bio: Here to learn and have fun in the process!
Kim Wilson
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Bio: Canadian investing in real estate in the US using creative strategies.
Mahsa Jarrahi
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Bio: Vegas local, joined@WealthCon. Curating my personal brand. WealthyBIZ & CR8R! @masmahsa_ & @beautyreconpro ✨Content coming soon✨ Let's Connect πŸ™Œ
Andres Toledo
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Bio: I'm an Engineer. I love to draw, work out, be funny, sing, dance, music, and meet other Earthlings. I do think too hard, but I still like myself.
Tiffany Taylor
Miami Beach, FL, USA β€’ ESFJ
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Bio: Decluttering the Minds of Christians in Business with Trauma Release Work, so they can Level Up without Overwhelm, Overthinking, or Over-Scheduling.
Micheline McCray
Central Valley
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Bio: Micheline has over twenty years of service in patient care. She is excited about real estate investing and is eager to be successful in the platform.
Jonathan Mongrut
Las Vegas
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Bio: I love to help people and to contribute to the community. Man of faith and creativity. Always ready, let's go!
Edward Jimenez
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Bio: Edward Jimenez EMLYH LLC Airbnb investor, Fix n Flip homes, Padsplit rentals, MFM investments
Oscar Mendez Jr
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Bio: I sell and invest in real estate. I'm interested in scaling my business to crazy levels and building my wealth, while enjoying every minute!!
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Taylor Melton
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