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Gavin Speaks
Somewhere β€’ INFP
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Bio: Transformational Life Coach & Master Energetic Healer
Queen Of The Entire Universe
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Bio: Metaphysics. YOGA Enthusiast😬Stick Man Artist. Second Generation Oracle Card Reader. I love Vintage & 80’s music!
Amaree Odney
β€’ Active 479d ago
Bio: Very outgoing and loving person
Shonna Potter
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Bio: I'm a LPN with a heart ❀β™₯ ❀ of gold...A woman πŸ‘© πŸ‘ 😍 enjoying the journey while espying the destination...
Lindon Phillips
Los Angeles
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Bio: I just did a career change. I am a new Real Estate Agent here in Los Angeles. I love music, dogs, wealth, and HAPPINESS!
Franklin Jackson
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Bio: Here to turn lead into gold
Kenrick George
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Bio: Into spirituality, history and 90s soul music.
Shawnette D
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Bio: Hi I’m Shawnette, I’m here to live my dream life
Desmond Thompson
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Jay R
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Bio: I work in healthcare. Interested in naturopathy and passive income.
Sharmaine Bell
β€’ Active 532d ago
Bio: Encourage friends & family to do & be better people
Bobby Norton
β€’ Active 414d ago
Raymond Tshuma
Bristol (United Kingdom)
β€’ Active 500d ago
Bio: Helping men to take action towards better health,finances,relationships & fulfilment😊 -Stop procrastination and resistance from paralysing you!
Martha M
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Mike Johnson
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Bio: Retired, I love the Truth about everything!
Robin Christiansen
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Bio: x
Nikisha Zellner
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Shae' Magee
β€’ Active 390d ago
Bio: I am a Massage Therapist and mother
Gregory Pass
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Bio: I love myself whole love always
Mark Disharoon
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Bio: Working on my spiritual journey
Jamie Pelayo
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Bio: CNA
Stephanie Farquhar
β€’ Active 460d ago
Bio: I love music, making crafts like home decor, I'm a content creator, mother of 2. I love to travel & always love learning new things!
Moonah I.
Tel-Aviv β€’ INFJ
β€’ Active 309d ago
Bio: Learning
Afia Muhammad
β€’ Active 107d ago
Bio: I AM here.....I am interested in changing, healing, evolving and BEing Joyful
Kim Fordham
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Erika Porter
β€’ Active 11d ago
Bio: I love life, love learning, and love creating.
Danielle Heckman
β€’ Active 429d ago
Bio: I'm a primary school teacher who loves music, drama, and helping others.
Sophie Johnson
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Bio: Light Codes & Spiritual Healing βœ¨πŸ˜‡
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Tara-Simone McLeod
Spiritual being loving this human experience πŸ’•

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Fort Myers, FL, USA
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