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Mark Gomez
Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania
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Bio: "AI is more than we imagineβ€”it's a gift and Now, I dedicate myself to ensuring its power is harnessed ethically, for humanity's collective future."
Pankaj Grdhr
New Delhi
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Bio: B2B, B2C Sales | Start-up Enthusiast | 15+ yrs work exp. in Software Testing/Development & DM industry | AI Explorer
Michael von Khuon
MΓΌnchen β€’ ISFJ
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Bio: M.A., Yoga- und Reikilehrer. ChatGPT und Google Bard haben bestΓ€tigt, dass mein Zeitreisen-Konzept praktisch funktioniert! Kurse gefragt!
Sophie Adams
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Bio: I love connecting with people and sharing ideas with em❀️🫢
Jerry M Poole
Mid Atlantic
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Bio: At AT&T, my focus, Small Businesses & tech integration. Now, with Heyi.Agency it’s custom integration of Ai for small business clients.
Sandy Rowley
Reno, NV
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Bio: SEO Expert
Steve Chambers
Leeds, UK
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Bio: Editor of You & AI News. Tech, Security, AI, Marketing.
Aziz Iskandar
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Bio: Building an AI that teaches you AI on
Alan Paul
β€’ Active 7h ago
Bio: I'm the Best Fixer on the Internet.
Mike Graham
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Bio: Growth operator for Digital Creators helping them to monetize their audience.
Greg Greg
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Bio: Hello!
Jesse Bowen
Georgia β€’ INFJ
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Bio: My name is Jesse. After a degree in cross cultural communication, I created Cross Cultural Healthcare AI Bots 15 years ago. I've been A RN 25 yrs,
Simon Hodgkinson
Cheshire - UK
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Bio: UK based IT Business Analyst for over 20 years, AI enthusiast/addict for a year now. My main opinion - AI isn't it problem, Humans are!
Jairahul Pg
β€’ Active 7d ago
Bio: I help businesses to manage leads and get more leads in autopilot using AI an automation
Sarah St John
Dallas, TX
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Bio: Podcaster. Author. Entreprepreneur. Podcast Host of Frugalpreneur (
Muhammad Akram
β€’ Active 3d ago
Bio: Blogger. Digital creator. SEO learner
Mustafa Ait
β€’ Active 2d ago
Bio: I am an AI enthusiast, eager to learn about AI
Fumski Onyia
β€’ Active 234d ago
Bio: Future certified female software developer πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»
Salted Bone
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Bio: General geek, wannabe hacker...about to jump into the deep - be my own boss selling what I wish I had at work - a bul$*!t bot! Wait! I'm serious...
Mohit Shah
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Bio: I am a college going student and I want to know all about CHATGPT and AI
Eileen Galbraith
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Bio: Philadelphia /Business Credit Coach, fun-loving person who enjoys meeting people and loves dancingπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ I'm in the middle with my Sisters in the pic.
Filippo Boninsegna
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Bio: Hi there!
Suresh Gunasekaran
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Bio: Browse Best AI Tools Directory of in 40+ categories and in chatgpt, generative ai, chatbot builder, ai no code website builder and much more ai tools.
Adriaan Bouwer
South Africa
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Bio: Hey, I'm a passionate travel writer and blogger! Exploring the world is my life's greatest joy, and I love sharing my adventures and inspirations.
Tony Ferrara
Catonsville, MD β€’ INTP
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Bio: Driven by passion, curiosity and integrity. Responsibly trying to push boundaries, build strong relationships and making a positive impact.
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Steven Suchar
Steven serves as the Chief Writer for πŸ‘ˆ and is a passionate car enthusiast who has been living and breathing cars for over 50 years!

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