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Louisa Tanner Munson
Portugal • INFP
• Active 146d ago
Bio: Brit, digital nomad, homeschooling mum with 3 kids, living in Portugal. Astrology & Subliminal Coach with membership plans & livestreams. AKA Mrs M
Aviva Ariel
• Active 125d ago
Bio: Profile will be added soon.
Heather Binder
• Active 39d ago
Bio: Boots on the Ground Portugal co-founder here to build community & assist people with many challenging aspects of relocating & navigating the waters!
Aviva Ariel
• Active 411d ago
Bio: Member
Francis Gersbach
Porto, Portugal
• Active 102d ago
Bio: Husband of one, Father of two | Video Production | Photography
Kristina Brand
Massachusetts, USA for now • ENTJ
• Active 16d ago
Bio: We love traveling, exploring new places, and meeting new people. We’re looking forward to moving to Portugal soon! 🇵🇹
Owen Lloyd Martin
• Active 6d ago
Bio: Plant lover Food cooker Picture taker
Gary Austin
• Active 215d ago
Bio: Gary Austin AKA Garvo. Left the UK in 2019 to come and find a new challenge and a more meaningful style of life, instead of just living to work.
Carl Munson
Portugal • ESTP
• Active 3h ago
Bio: Host of the Good Morning Portugal! show & Learn About Portugal, weekly webinars & inspiration to people moving to Portugal & loving life here now...
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Steve Welton
We are sort of world travelers living in Chicago. Steve is retired while Tammy still works. Still sorting a Portugal life for once we take the leap.

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Joined Apr 5, 2023
Chicago, IL, USA
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