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Issy Ayodele
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Bio: Social media personnel
James Rumora
Florida, USA
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Bio: Retired. Played guitar in my teens/twenties then traded that for suit, tie, wife and kids. Finally getting back into the groove.
Olivier Sorba
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Bio: Amateur guitarist and pianist
Jason Pappafotis
Florida • ENFP
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Bio: President of RATlab | Leadership and Management | Music and Technology
Fern Lafontaine
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Bio: retired with time on my hands, enjoy playing guitar and want to bring my playing up a few levels
Carlos Alberto Brandao
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Bio: Retired from corporate life. A life time music student.
Bradford L Romans
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Bio: Guitar playing Doc - Music & Medicine are my life -
Christophe Normantowicz
• Active 30d ago
Bio: I am a train test and commissioning manager working in UK but also oversea. I love playing the guitar from African rhythm to Rock and Jazz...
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Stephen Visio
Blissfully retired 2nd generation business owner and entrepreneur/marketer. I aspire to play improvisational music, musical self-expression.

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Joined Mar 29, 2022
Haleiwa, Hawaii
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