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Bio: Marketing Manager @
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Bio: BDM @
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Bio: Branding Expert - CBO @ The Setting Camp
Jülide Savut
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Bio: Partnering with Business Owners and Scaling them Past $50k/pm by Automating their Client Acquisition 📈⬇️
Britta Hofmann
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Bio: Semi-crunchy life
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Bio: Podcaster. Author. Entreprepreneur. Podcast Host of Frugalpreneur (
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Bio: Excited to learn
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Bio: Just want to learn:)
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Bio: Wife + Mama
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Bio: Wife, Mother, Homemaker. Believer saved by grace alone.
Coralee Olson
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Bio: I am a young first time mom seeking to optimize my health for my family! Jesus follower, military, homeschooling minded, homesteading plans.
Ashley Vaught
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Bio: A
Bim Fedoriw
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Bio: Hi! :D
Aubrey Oughterson
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Bio: Former teacher, now SAHM. Health enthusiast, nature lover, slowly building my homestead in south Florida.
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Bio: Mom, preschool teacher, love all things about health and nutrition
Kaitlyn Holland
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Bio: I am a new mom to a beautiful little girl. My husband and I love Jesus and we love nerding out on all things healthy/crunchy.
Megan Fitzgerald
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Bio: Herbal student and astrology lover from Connecticut.
Cori Jansen
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Bio: Looking for healing, and community in this big and hectic world.
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Bio: Hi I’m Tahja
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Bio: Hi! My name is Vanessa.
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Bio: Howdy! I love community
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Bio: 🌸✨
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Bio: Esthetician & chicken mom.
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Bio: Hello.
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Bio: Annelies
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Bio: Excited to learn!
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Bio: Hello!
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Bio: Elizabeth Allen
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Bio: Passionate about health and nutrition. Excited to learn and connect!
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Stephanie Peña
I'm Stephanie, founder of Kossma Beauty, the world's first PUFA Aware, animal-based skincare company!

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