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Crash Course Alignment
Hello everyone! Question - I'm following along the crash course and I'm struggling! In Power Apps Crash Course > Defining Our App Style video the function(s) for aligning the rectangles within the container, they aren't behaving the way they are in the video. My rectangles won't center align with the appropriate buffer. I've tried looking for the answer elsewhere and all those resources (online) are more than a couple of years old! Any guidance would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!
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Hi @Matt C . Alignment of things in a container is accomplished with the X property (number of pixels from the left) and the Y property (number of pixels from the top) To center anything in a parent screen or container we can use a formula for our X property. (Parent.width divided by 2) minus (Self.Width divided by 2.) It looks like this. (Parent.Width /2) - ( Self.Width /2) Then if you want left align other things with that item, set their X property to that item’s X property. Say you have an element named ThingOne that you centered as described above. Then you want to left align ThingTwo with ThingOne. Set the X property of ThingTwo to: ThingOne.X For the buffer / gap we use our Y property. For example, ThingTwo’s Y property could be: (ThingOne.Y + (ThingOne.Height + 10) 10 being our gap. I hope this explanation helps.
Create a new record but update if already exists
Hi guys I am trying to build a small inspection app. I have a (among others) these Sharepoint lists: Inspections Question Answers A user will create a new inspection and fill in some details about it, an Inspection ID is created That opens a screen that displays a gallery that lists all the question. In each record I have placed radio buttons, text input and image control. The user needs to answer each question using these controls and Patch the answer to the "ANSWERS" list. However If the answer with the same Inspection ID and Question ID already exists, I need to update the record and not create a new one. What would be the best way to do that? How would you do the patch, "on change" maybe? All help would be greatly appreciated. Petur Marel P.s. Attached is a screenshot of the gallery
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@Elvis Eyobor I was struggling with a similar situation. Your suggestion helped me too!
Hello! excited to learn
Well im Michael Schirmer from Texas. Not really good at the introductions. Not a very talkative person, so hopefully i can learn to speak up here. I enjoy the coding but i always hit roadblocks. So i thought i would try my hand at power apps. Its at least gets me where i want to go and promising.
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Help with expressions in Power Automate
I have a SharePoint List with a column that stores display name. I want to use power automate to send a personalized email. How do I write the expression to split out the First name and pass it to the email?
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Lookup Office365Users
Hello everyone, I'm facing a challenge with editing a gallery image control in my Canvas app. I'm trying to display the profile picture of an Office 365 user by referencing a Dataverse table called 'Tutors.' Specifically, I need to match the email column of the 'Tutors' table to the email of the Office 365 user. Could someone kindly assist me with this? Your help is greatly appreciated.
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