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Sushma Gaikwad
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Bio: Media Entrepreneur and educationist with 3 decades of experience. Leadership coach specializing in Public Speaking and Leadership Presence.
Rasheeda Madani
Chennai, India
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Bio: I'm simply a SAT coach who can make students ace SAT/ACT/NAPLAN. I have been an English professor for 7 years and have been an online tutor for 3 yrs
Viswa Vivek Tupakula
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Bio: I am a Data Scientist. I play with data to build machine learning model which helps business to grow.
Tarun Bhatt
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Bio: Hey I'm Tarun bhatt Yoga teacher Provide online yoga classes
Sujata Chavan
Pune (INDIA)
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Bio: Sujata Chavan , Nutritionist , 8+Years Experience in Personalized Diet Consultation to help people Globally to achieve their BEST HEALTH.
Jennifer Ahluwalia
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Bio: Digital Marketer from Pune
Pooja Thakare
Toronto, Canada
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Bio: Digital Marketing Specialist
Shivam Ravi Srivastava
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Bio: Founder of TEAM FIT ONLINE Helping IT professionals lose stubborn weight effectively without relying on supplements and old fancy diet methods.
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Shashank Singh
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