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Viv Cumming
Scotland • INFP
• Active 272d ago
Bio: Filmmaker, photographer and storytelling coach - stories for nature, connection and humanity.
Bettina Hallifax
• Active 181d ago
Bio: Coming 😊
Yollana Shore
Byron Bay, NSW, Australia • ENFP
• Active 29d ago
Bio: Hi! I’m Yollana, I have been a journey practitioner since 2001 and am the Australasian co-presenter for The Journey. I’m also a leadership coach.
Emily ten Kate
London, England
• Active 77d ago
Bio: I recently became a journey practitioner and life coach. I am excited about starting this new adventure!
Daniel Wagner
Frankfurt, Germany
• Active 12h ago
Bio: Transformation Coach
Daniel Wagner
Frankfurt • INFP
• Active 325d ago
Bio: Austrian. Moved to the UK after a record deal in 1996. Built two 7-figure businesses. Now running blindspot, a coaching business for conscious people.
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Selina von Schultzendorff
Recommended Journey Practitioner, Mind-Body Leadership Coach, Consultant & Connector in Purposeful Business and Social Impact

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Joined May 16, 2023
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