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Josh Grant
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Bio: Entrepreneur from Middle GA Auburn Graduate
Jon Leicht
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Bio: Letโ€™s Go
David Cooper
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Glen Simonsen
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Bio: Older guy on the left
Ross Patel
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Bio: 45 and ready to get strong
Devin Glischinski
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Bio: Voice actor and X-ray tech ready to make a simple lifestyle change that will make waves in my life.
Nick Ward
South lake tahoe
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Bio: Over 35 years coaching in sports helping folk develop movement health & performance. Coach of youth to elite skiers & recreational mountain folk
Mohamed Kahiye
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Bio: Mohamed
Michael Angelo Dela Cruz
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Bio: Hello I'm Mike, I mainly do videograhpy as a source of income, I also have a small healthy food business
Joel Rojasortiz
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Bio: I am Joel Rojas. Born in Dallas TX, living in Florida. Currently looking forward to beginning this journey with you all
Paul Malcolm
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Bio: I am a father, chef, butcher, educator, builder, yogi seeking positive transformation to the true me. I am absolutely psyched about this opportunity.
Joseph MacDonald
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Bio: Married, 50+ yo, father of 4. I'm thrilled to be here with you all to get fit. Can't wait !
Jeff Spangler
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Bio: Current firefighter, married with two boys. Have had some setbacks with injuries and surgeries last three years and looking to getting fitness back.
Brian Spencer
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Bio: Small business owner in Atlanta. Interested in learning about building communities.
Jacob Dubois
Monterey, CA, USA
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Bio: Christian | Husband | Father | Activist for Human Performance
Daniel Waldman
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Bio: -
Richard Biechler
Dubuque Iowa
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Bio: *Electrical Contractor* I help stressed out and overworked business owners create time for family and fitness while their business continues to grow.
Kris Magnusson
Stillwater, MN
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Bio: Excited to be part of this community...
Andre Jurgensen
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Bio: Oregon resident who loves all things outdoors ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ
Eric Hadder
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Bio: Can't wait to embark on this journey of Ascension!!
Al Wilkes
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Bio: Yo!
Vincent Davis
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Bio: Trial lawyer, 35 years experience. CPS the Horror Stories lawyer.
Fidel Marquez
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Bio: Chicago born and raised Living in Tucson Engaged to be married in Aug Retired engineer from energy industry. Starting restoration of 67 Mustang
Prince Ogakwu
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Bio: Prioritizing self!
Abraham Charleston
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Bio: I will make it maybe not immediately but absolutely and definitely
Andrew Devlin
Estero, FL
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Bio: Just your average Flor-idiot here. Married 38 years, four kids, five grandkids! Refugee from the Crossfit/Bootcamp looking for new ways to grow.
Teddy Youn
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Bio: Novice KB user
Alex Williams
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Bio: โœ”๏ธFather โœ”๏ธHusband โœ”๏ธAthlete ๐Ÿคž๐ŸพFit Mofo
Alex Catalfamo
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Bio: Welcome Aboard
George Martinez
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Bio: Iโ€™m on a health journey to take the 54 year old me and get him looking like the 24 year old me. Ha! Just wanna be the version of myself that I can.
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Sean Griffin
KT Co-Founder. We help men simplify their health and fitness while getting ridiculously strong from home with kettlebells. 2 kids aged 5 and 2 ๐Ÿ˜

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Joined Jan 18, 2023
Evanston, IL
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