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This is where your Kinetic journey gets an upgrade and a boost from the School platform. You will get LIVE interaction and higher level of courses.


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Target 1 Achieved
Thanks @Ted Carr and community Hit my first target with my paid community $1k monthly revenue in my $20 low ticket group. Group is 8 weeks old. Learning every day. Onto the next goal! 👍👍👍
Adam Harrell
Scott Maclean
Ingunn Hegge
Gerald Wels
Isoft Ware
New comment 14h ago
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@Fady Milad It took around a month but I was working with an existing large community. I am actually planning to archive this community and create a new one with a new improved course and more manageable deliverables. This may sound silly as I have built one now to several $k's a month BUT I am thinking long term. I am learning from issues that I want to correct as I move forward. I will be happy to share my process when I have started the new group. I have a learned a lot from @Ted Carr and although I am in my 50's - there is room to grow even more every day folks.
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@Spike Warner Awesome Spike - thanks for sharing
Oct 29 
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What pleasure will people get from your program?
If I'm going to pay you $1,000+ for your coaching program, I better be getting some pleasure from it! So ask yourself: What are the pleasures associated with having achieved the end result/promise that you help people with? For example: If you help someone lose weight, some of the pleasures they're likely to experience are feeling more attractive, having deeper sleeps, fitting into sexier clothing, having a better day to day mood, getting off their medications, looking better on IG pics, being able to grow their IG following faster, being able to inspire their family members and friends to get into great shape, live longer, etc. Knowing the pleasures you can help someone achieve will help you speak to people’s core desires, and make your program extremely attractive to your prospects. The pleasure someone gets from the end result/promise is WHY they want this end result in the first place. If you’re unsure what pleasure someone will get from the end result you're promising, try answering these questions: • So what sort of pleasures would YOU feel if you were to achieve this end result? • What are people going to be able to do or have that they can’t do or have now as a result of achieving this end result? • What positive emotions will they feel? • How will their life be better on a day to day basis as a result of achieving this? Tangibly speaking. Write your answers in the comments below 👇
Jody Licatino
Scott Maclean
Karen Luniw
Daniel Ingham
Lauriena Cruz
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Love it @Ted Carr Give folks what they want and deliver what they need - I make folks fast, fit and lean (plus happy) 👍👍👍
6d ago 
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What should you name your main program/product?
A good program name is very important for sales but it's often hard to come up with a good one! Before ChatGPT came along, this used to be terribly difficult to brainstorm 100 names before choosing 1 good one... now it's a lot easier! So I strongly suggest using ChatGPT to help you come up with name ideas. You can use this prompt: I need some awesome name ideas for my new online coaching program. I help <your niche here> with achieving <end outcome/dream desire you help people achieve> and overcoming <main problem your niche has>. Please keep my program name between 2-3 words. Here are 5 examples of coaching program names I like: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Please make it short and sweet and similar to the examples above. Give me a list of 10 names to choose from. /End prompt. After you get the results, if you don't like the style, just tell it to give you more examples & describe a style you want or a word you want to include.
Scott Maclean
Ted Carr
Spike Warner
Danielle Allen
Milena Dimovska
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@Spike Warner thanks Spike
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@Ted Carr this one is Ted then expanding it - the workouts are what think makes the big difference but there are a number of other key metrics. So I can use this plan for all people!!!
2k Members! Giving away $2,000.
This November, we're giving away $2,000 to celebrate getting 2,000 members here on Skool 🥳 We're hosting a Community Growth Challenge! There are 2 ways to win: 1) Get as many free members into your free Skool community as you can. Whoever grows by the most free members wins $1,000. 2) Make as much MRR as possible in your Skool community. Whoever grows their MRR the most wins $1,000. Example: if Benny is making $4,000/month right now and he grows it to $6,000/month, and Julie is making $1,000/month and she grows it to $4,000/month, Julie wins because she grew hers by $3,000 and Benny only grew his by $2,000. Here's how to enter: 1) Post a screenshot below of how many members you have on or before November 1st... Then post another screenshot on December 1st. 2) Post a screenshot below of how much MRR you're making with your Skool community on or before November 1st... Then post another screenshot on December 1st. Whoever sees the most growth by December 1st wins. If you want personal, private 1:1 help setting up your community on Skool so you're properly set up with the right strategy in place to win, send me a DM with the word SKOOL and we'll hop on and set you up. Rules: 1) You can't win both $1,000 prizes. Pick just one category (free or paid) and go for it! 2) You can't charge more than $999 for your MRR price point. 3) Your community topic must meet the Skool terms and conditions (ie. No illegal stuff!) Any questions? Comment below! 👇 Want me to host a workshop showing you how I'd win if I was going to enter? Comment WORKSHOP below and I'll host it for you.
Ted Carr
Benny D
Faro Zacarías
Éva Raposa
Scott Maclean
New comment 22d ago
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@Ted Carr Hey Ted - this is a great challenge. My free group is starting at 2209. I am actually set to archive my LT group at the end of month and upgrade my offer!!! I’ll share all with you buddy 👍👍👍
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Hey folks how are you getting on with your growth in your Skool group? I started my group in the Spring with the excellent help of @Ted Carr. I push my channel via YouTube and love the community aspect I am growing. I have a cycling fitness and performance business and Skool just works perfectly for me. We all start with zero members! Just keep turning up folks 👍
May 30 
How I'm stacking cash in 2023... (& how you can, too)
Every man knows that being short on cash (or crypto) is one of the worst feelings in the world. I cannot speak for women, but for men, being poor makes us feel weak. Incapable. Unable to travel the world. Unable to provide for our loved ones. On the other hand... As a man having fat stacks of cash/crypto is a beautiful thing. Cash makes us feel powerful and boosts testosterone... Let's us travel the world... Let's us live in a nice house in a safe neighbourhood... Let's us be the provider we were put here to be. Let's us feel certain about our future. So how do you stack cash in 2023? Simple. Get people to give you cash to you in exchange for a digital product or service. It's called 'Commerce'. ALERT: They purposefully do not teach Commerce in school because they need you to be poor to be a slave. And factories (big companies) need slaves. But if you can get people to give you money, you will have all the money you need, and will never need to work for anyone ever again. $10,000/month? No problem. I'm averaging $45,000/month, purely organically. Look: the only people with no money are the people who don't have people giving it to them... So how do you get people to give you money? I like to use something called the 'Freebie Funnel Method'. I create & then give away helpful free stuff on social media in exchange for an email. Once I collect an email, I email that person/follow up with them on social media with more content and more free stuff until they feel like working with me/buying my stuff. It's too simple. So... Most people complicate it. Especially beginners :( But the pros keep it simple. And the reason it works so well is because humans have a hard time saying "no thanks" to genuinely helpful free stuff that helps them eliminate their problems. And everyone has problems. Most people are: - Alone and looking to be in love. - Broke and looking to be rich. - Fat and looking to be fit. - In pain and looking to be out of pain.
Parker Wilson
Joe Cotton
Nicole Hackett
Dane Basham
Michael Bourk
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@Ted Carr Sample
How to Get Rich with Bitcoin
Money in your bank account loses 7% of it's purchasing power per year. Which is just ONE REASON why 95% of my net worth is in bitcoin. If you look in my bank account you'd think I'm poor 😆 I don't have much cash because I firmly believe cash is trash. And today, I'm hosting a bitcoin workshop to explain why I'm so bullish on bitcoin + how you can get started with bitcoin, too. I'll show you how you can easily invest however much you're comfortable with, and how to cash out when the price goes up. You can access the live workshop here. 👈 If you can't make it, you'll get the replay but only if you're a member of the Contentpreneurs community here. For more upcoming workshops, check out the poster attached. Each of them will help you with a KEY area of growth as a contentpreneur. ❤️ P.S. By becoming a member of Contentpreneurs, you'll also get access to me + my team on a weekly basis so we can look over everything you'r doing AND you'll get instant access to our library of over 40 workshops I've done in the past that are guaranteed to help you earn more money as a Contentpreneur. And we're raising our price next week so this is your last chance to get in at the lowest price ever.
Scott Maclean
Owen Collins
Ted Carr
Oliver Schofield
Graham Waite
New comment Oct 9
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Interesting @Ted Carr it’s something I am invested in along with other Metaverse projects - will check out what you do buddy 👍
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@Oliver Schofield Nice Oliver - I have been holding for a few years now - seen it rise and now stay low for a while but I know it will rise and then I'll ride 'cycle actually' into the sunset - That's the plan ...
Annoyed to get spammed from members
It’s starting to get me down. Members pretending they watched my videos or saw my website or scrolled through testimonials promising to bring high ticket sales to my door. Here’s the latest one! It’s a bit sad that ppl use communities like this as their own lead generation strategy. Anyone has this experience?
Andy Smith
Daniel Wagner
Benny D
Karen Ranzi
Jov Mit
New comment Aug 14
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Yep - same here - I think I got that very same one - I told them to go away in Scottish 😉
May 17 
"I don't know what to offer…"
99% of newbies say this to me. It's only the 1% who don't say this to me who end up going on to make a lot of $$. I have some clients from years ago who still don't know what to offer. Guess how much money they've made... Zip. Nada. Zero. I also have some clients from a 2 months ago who knew exactly what to sell from day 1, and now they're making 10k plus per month. So decide right now if you want to be part of the 99% or if you're going be in the 1%. Decide now and figure out "the how" later. I call this 'Offer Clarity'. And if you're ever unsure of what to offer, you need to sit down with pen and paper and figure it out. But here's the good news (I'm full of good news): There are ONLY 4 THINGS you can offer help with if you expect to make any money at all in this game. 4 things Not 5. Not 6. Not 3. Just 4. What are they? Get ready....... Write these down..... 1) Relationships (soulmate, better sex, Tinder dates, etc) 2) Wealth (save on taxes, make more per month, etc) 3) Beauty (drop fat, build muscle, etc) 4) Chronic Pain (eliminate knee, back or neck pain) As a coach/course creator, if you don't choose one of these 4 things to help people with, you're swimming upstream - against a strong current - in a thunder storm - surrounded by piranhas and hungry sharks. Note: There is only 2 exceptions this 'Law of 4' Spoiler: You're probably not an exception. Exception to the rule #1: if you're extremely sexy and willing to show it. If this is you, you can sell anything and simps will just pay you cause they love you/want to be closer to you and your private parts. Think Onlyfans. Exception to the rule #2: if you're extremely famous. When you're Oprah level famous, you can sell cans of dog shit and people will buy it cause of the celeb factor. Humans are weird like that. But since you're most likely not an exception, decide right here and now which of the 4 things you want to help people with. And just pick ONE of them for the love of god.
Robert Charles
Ted Carr
Evangelia Mavroskotis
Alicia Lemus
Amber Therabondos
New comment Jul 12
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ps - hit 1k members in free group.
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@Ted Carr yes - I need a few things Ted!!
Hi 👋🏻
What's your nickname? Jules Where you from? North Germany Biggest strength? Integrity Bravery Biggest weakness? Finding the right wording. Which content platform is your favourite? YT IG What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? How to start a business from scratch. Getting men a trim healthy body by changing their eating and lifestyle habits, so they have more energy to reach their goals. 💫
Tracy Wilson
Julius Grosse
Michael Ennis
Mitali Deypurkaystha
Karin Goldmann
New comment Jul 2
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@Julius Grosse Hey Julius, I have coached for over 30 years and have my own cycling fitness business. I went fully online after the first lockdown in 2020 so I am still learning daily! I am new to Skool in the last few months, but it's a great platform. Feel free to ask any questions you have but I am focusing on bringing people into my free group at present. I have a fairly success online business but I want to transition away from a lot of the 1-2-1 I do into a community based model (mainly as I am old now 🤣).
2 likes • Jun 23
@Julius Grosse Great stuff @Julius Grosse lean into the community and get as much support as you can. Exciting times ahead for you I am sure.
Shoutout to Mitali! 📚
Mitali helps entrepreneurs publish their books to increase their reach & authority in their field. If you need help writing or publishing a book, she's your person! She's also very active here on Skool and has her own Skool community. I want to give her a shoutout because she's #1 on the leaderboards for the last 30 days 🏆 The leaderboard shows who's contributing genuine value - so, thank you Mitali!
Benny D
Michael Ennis
Evangelia Mavroskotis
Mitali Deypurkaystha
Ted Carr
New comment Jun 8
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Well done @Mitali Deypurkaystha - I defo have a book to publish
Mar 17 
is anyone sliding into your DM's and pitching you on something?
Send me a screenshot if they are and I'll remove them from this group :) Thanks!
Scott Maclean
Juniper Rose
Mitali Deypurkaystha
Jananya Ananda
New comment Mar 25
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will do Ted - deleted a few but will screenshot future ones
Mar 20 
How to make $5k-$10k/month telling stories
You don’t need a fancy funnel or secret sales script to make a lot of money… What you need is a damn good story (a.k.a. Your Million Dollar Message) And if you keep reading, I’ll tell you the 3 KEYS to crafting a story that makes selling effortless… Because when I started my online coaching business, I didn’t have a huge audience or tons of testimonials… All I had was my story. So I picked up my camera and recorded that story. And soon people who didn't even know me listened to my story, booked a call to speak with me, and offered to pay me thousands of dollars for coaching. And when I asked them why they wanted to buy from me, and not others, 99% of the time they’d say: "When I watched your story, I just resonated with it so much..." My story had already done the selling for me! And the best part? WE ALL HAVE A STORY TO TELL! (Even you!) And if done right, your story can do all the heavy lifting for you. So here are the 3 keys to making your story so good that people can't help but throw their credit card at you: 1. Your Brutal Before This is where you want to cherry-pick all the bad things about your journey. For example, let's say you struggled with acne. Your Brutal Before could be a time when a cute girl/guy you liked wouldn't go to prom with you because of your terrible acne. You were publicly humiliated and ashamed of your skin. This is what makes people have empathy for you, and this is what makes your story relatable and powerful. 2. Your Divine Discovery This is where you share what you discovered to help you overcome your brutal before. In the acne example, maybe you tried all sorts of creams and potions, but nothing worked until you discovered a raw fruit diet. You tried it, and within two weeks, your acne disappeared. Just sharing this divine discovery is enough to make people think: “Damn! This is helpful. What else do they know?” 3. Your Now Wow This is where you share the epic results of your transformation. After discovering the fruit diet, your skin is now so clear that people compliment you on it all the time saying how your skin is glowing.
Scott Maclean
Jeff Gillis
Isabela Miron
Skye Loomis
Basia Nalepa
New comment Mar 25
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love it - thanks for sharing Ted
Hi Folks
#How to Unlock Everything What's your nickname? Coach Where you from? Ayr, Scotland Biggest strength? Resilience Biggest weakness? Get Bored Very Quickly! Which content platform is your favourite? YouTube What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? Learning how to increase monetization options on YouTube and Instagram
Lora Brannon
Marketa Seifried
Ted Carr
Scott Maclean
Mitali Deypurkaystha
New comment Feb 26
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@Marketa Seifried thanks
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@Ted Carr
All about Action
#Step One Those that talk and those that do....
Fastest way to make money
#Contentpreneurship Introduction love the thinking behind the 'no boss'. I have struggled with this in my first year (25 years year work with a boss....)
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Owner of Kinetic Cycle Coaching, an online cycling fitness and performance business. I have over 30 years experience BUT still learning everyday.
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