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Colin Cooper
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Bio: Father of 4 (21, 18, 16, 3), Love Horses, fascinated by Human Behaviour, Neuroscience, and have "officially" been in business since I was 18.
Konstantinos Papageorgiou
The Netherlands
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Bio: I am a mechanical engineer in offshore oil and gas installations. My vision is to learn and spread the magic for a safer and better world around me.
Alexander Grabner Jarlung
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Bio: Greybeard Storyteller @ David JP Phillips | 110Steps™ Analysis Nerd | PowerPoint Fanatic | Off. TEDx Coach
Markus Koch
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Bio: Introverted Speaker inspiring and motivating teenagers and young leaders to have the courage to be themselves and speak up.
Hassanein Ismail
Khartoum, Sudan
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Bio: Team building facilitator, passionate about learning & education. My motto bringing the best out of people. Hungry for learning & new experiences :)
Jason Reagin
Beijing, China
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Bio: International Educator, Workshop Facilitator for IB, Traveler, Need Coffee for FUEL!
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Sandrine Tognotti
Working on facilitating change for the adoption of digital products. I am particularly interested in collaboration and innovation.

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Munich & Vercors
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