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Psst...Your Lead Magnets Could Be Cooler 😎
Kim just created 250 niche-specific AI marketing prompts for creating freebies that captivate & convert! Want FREE access? Drop a "Heck yes, Kim!" in below and consider it yours!
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Ronda Moore
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@Marie Leslie a sweet surprise awaits in your inbox!
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@Stephanie Oden check your inbox for the goodies :-)
🚀 Exciting Announcement: Our Next Live Interactive Workshop is HERE! 🚀
Hello, incredible community members! Ever felt like crafting the perfect offer is like trying to hit a moving target in the dark? 😫 You're not alone. But what if I told you that with the power of AI, you could illuminate that target and nail it every time? 🎯 Introducing our brand-new LIVE Interactive Workshop: Craft Offers With AI That Customers Can't Wait to Buy! 🌟 🗓 Date: August 15, 2023 | 1:00-3:00pm EST 📍 Where: Wherever you work best Platform: Sessions (Zoom's cooler cousin) Here's a quick peek at what's in store: - Unleash AI's analytical prowess to uncover your audience's deepest desires. - Fast-track your offer creation process. It's like magic (but better)! - Benefit from my step-by-step guidance on optimizing your offers using a friendly AI framework. - Network, brainstorm, and gain priceless insights from fellow creators and entrepreneurs. This isn't just a workshop – it's a game-changing opportunity to elevate your offer-crafting skills to levels you've only dreamed of. And the best part? You get to experience the magic live, ask questions, and interact in real-time! Ready to revolutionize your offer game? Secure Your Spot Now! Remember, seats are limited, and trust me, you won't want to miss out on this one. Let's tap into the power of AI and craft offers that truly resonate! See you there, ~KIM
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Ronda Moore
John Addy
Sandra Salumbides
Cynthia Guy
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@Cynthia Guy Hi! We sent you an email with the subject: [REPLAY AVAILABLE] Your AI Authority Insiders Workshop Replay is Now Available! for the replay page. I resent the email as well. We have recently added as well the workshop here in Skool. Go Now to Craft Your Offers Workshop Classroom. cc @Ronda Moore
To add a domain to your Blocked List: 1. Login to your Zoom in your browser 2. Go to Settings > Security 3. Scroll down to Block users in specific domains from joining meetings and webinars 4. Toggle ON 5. Add the domain ( 6. Hit Save
Sandra Salumbides
Ronda Moore
Lynn McPhelimy
New comment Jul 30
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@Lynn McPhelimy please see above. cc @Kim Garst @Ronda Moore
Video Header
Can't figure out how to get a full video header like my client is requesting...I kept the original one (please do NOT delete) and was playing around on a copied section below that in Rainforest Pools...if I delete the image, I don't have any video options and I tried to drag it around but that isn't working I'm out of options...want the header to remain the same size as the original one just with the water clip I added...also want to keep the text and buttons on top of the water please...thanks! @Kim Garst @Ronda Moore
Ronda Moore
Barb Mickelsen
Sandra Salumbides
New comment Jun 27
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@Barb Mickelsen Currently, funnels and websites don't support video backgrounds for sections. But you can use a GIF since this will also be a smaller media file to load and does showcase the same thing. Please see second section on your site. I used a GIF as a section background. To convert an mp4 to a GIF, we use this Free tool, easy to use and you can already trim the video. I did trim the video to 30 seconds. cc @Ronda Moore
Tools Thursday 01: How to Earn a Living Building Community Online
Building community has been the online buzz for years but there hasn't been a lot of real insight into what that really means. Building an inclusive place where like minded individual - people who share similar challenges concerns, successes, can be challenging. Building a place of connection is one thing but keeping that connection connected and thriving is another piece of the pie. Beyond that, how do you monetize this community? Let me share not only why this is so important in 2023 and beyond but how YOU can do it, do it well AND make money doing it!
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