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Tanya Miller
Auckland, New Zealand
• Active 3d ago
Bio: Journey Practitioner, teacher, artist, sound healer, lover of life fun and adventure. A spark that can ignite a flame. Truth seeker and snort laughter
Yantra Lindon
• Active 197d ago
Bio: Senior Journey Method practitioner, Facilitator of Self-inquiry and Enneagram, Therapist, Artist, Illustrator, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker and Author
Sabine Heissner
• Active 49d ago
Bio: I am human and mum. I live in München.
Sue Hookey
Melbourne, Australia
• Active 165d ago
Bio: over 30 years’ experience as a health professional, now an accredited Journey Practitioner and Journey Life Coach. Living in Melbourne, Australia.
Simone Engdahl
Yackandandah, Victoria
• Active 3h ago
Bio: Journey Practitioner since 2002, keen to explore how to expand an international base. I combine trauma work, Myofascial release and journey work
Prema Joy
• Active 191d ago
Bio: Lover of Life, Travel, Dogs, Chanting and a Grandmother of 5 boys!!!! And I love the Journey Method.
Silvie Hurkmans
Sittard , Netherlands
• Active 67d ago
Bio: I'm a creative, sensitive person who combines journey work with creative outlets. My way of working is very intuitive combined with energetic work.
Sharon Thomas
Nelson, New Zealand
• Active 46d ago
Bio: Hi there, I'm Sharon from Nelson, NZ
Miriam Matutu
Zambia • INFJ
• Active 310d ago
Bio: Journey Practitioner, BLAST Practitioner, Executive Leadership Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, MakeTheChange Coach ... curious 🙏❤
Caroline Waters
• Active 1h ago
Bio: Jazz Entertainer and Vocal Therapist Caroline Waters is now accepting new clients in Vocal Freedom and Journey Work via Zoom world wide.
Ulrike Nootz
• Active 239d ago
Bio: Germany, Bonn - I like to support you to change into what you really are!
Didi Olivier
• Active 260d ago
Bio: I'm a practitioners since 2005. Live in Namibia.
Lori Mangano
New Hampshire • ENFP
• Active 48d ago
Bio: I am a Journey Practitioner from the 2006 class. I have a practice called Sacred Oak Healing Services in Exeter, NH and study the Lakota Medicine Way.
Margarita Gendelev
Spéracèdes, France
• Active 42d ago
Bio: Hello, i am international transformational life coach. Located in South of France. I speak Russian, English, Hebrew, French
Barbara Braun
Kiel, Germany
• Active 74d ago
Bio: Borne in 1962, living in Kiel, Germany Gardener, Qigong teacher, artist and attending the JPP. Loving nature, children and life. Keen on learning!
Yollana Shore
Byron Bay, NSW, Australia • ENFP
• Active 38d ago
Bio: Hi! I’m Yollana, I have been a journey practitioner since 2001 and am the Australasian co-presenter for The Journey. I’m also a leadership coach.
Daniel Wagner
Frankfurt, Germany
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Transformation Coach
Laura Winton
• Active 3d ago
Bio: Digital Marketing Expert working with solo business owners, SMEs and small agencies to solve your digital problems.
Diana Johnson
Payson, Utah, USA
• Active 6d ago
Bio: My joy is to see people discovering how good life can be. Journey Practitioner (to be) and Nutritional resources. My fun: family, farm and mountains.
Juditte Schlebusch
Johannesburg, South Africa
• Active 146d ago
Bio: Passionate about The Journey since 2000. Accreditation completed 2004/5. Part-time JP now full-time Recommended Accredited JP 2018 till the present.
Julia Golzar
Bellingen NSW Australia
• Active 71d ago
Bio: I'm a recommended Journey practitioner since 2019, living in Bellingen NSW Australia. I have worked with many modalities over the years.
Els van der Horst
Zoom/Eugene, Oregon • INFJ
• Active 1d ago
Bio: Els van der Horst helps teachers, leaders, and influencers have an ultimate impact on the lives of others and understand why
Rahila Khan
• Active 173d ago
Bio: Accredited Journey Practitioner (2005)/Advocate for Transformational Leadership of Love-Musgrave/Berea, Durban
Kristine Dreitser
• Active 308d ago
Bio: I’m a single mom of 3 beautiful kids, two girls and 1 boy. I’ve been doing journey work since 2008 and I finally did LTW and HCC in 2022.
Nina Falenius
Finland • ENFP
• Active 290d ago
Bio: I'm a Journey practitioner from Finland, I've been with the Journey since 2018
Judy Heald
England UK
• Active 344d ago
Bio: Hi I'm judy, I live in the UK with my partner and children. I'm passionate about learning, healing, and sustainable living.
Ricki Ellen Gorman
New Jersey, USA
• Active 172d ago
Bio: I am a Recommended Practitioner since 2010 and an Accredited Journey Life Coach in 2022. My motto “Healing One Memory at a Time, One Day at a Time.”
Dawn Hubbard
West Midlands UK
• Active 184d ago
Bio: Dawn Hubbard UK based. Wanting to share my various tools with a wider audience. Artist Oil painter Guide of Creativity Pods Student of Truth
Emily ten Kate
London, England
• Active 86d ago
Bio: I recently became a journey practitioner and life coach. I am excited about starting this new adventure!
Claire Timmerman
Orgiva, Spain
• Active 200d ago
Bio: Journey Operations Director, mum, & all-round wonder-woman. Here purely out of interest, curiosity & in support of Journey Practitioners!
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Sandra Gardham
Looking forward to bringing our shared skills and visions forward. Modalities: Journey Practitioner, Birth/Death Doula, Theta Healer

Active 172d ago
Joined Apr 27, 2023
Goderich, ON CA
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