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Alexi Drouin
Honolulu, Hawaii
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Bio: Director of Education 🎓
Nik Robbins
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Bio: Revenue. Wisdom. Happiness
Jeremy Moser
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Bio: Founder Social Profit Media Scaling info-product businesses building personal brands on Instagram
Sam Ovens
Los Angeles, CA • INTJ
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Bio: CEO @ Skool.
Mateo Jiménez
Madrid, España • INTJ
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Bio: Escalo comunidades de Skool a múltiples 5 cifras / mes con Skool Sellers y Skool ADs
Richard Mugica
California • INFP
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Bio: Founder of -- 4 kids, an awesome wife, and I like hitting the iron every now and then. Let's get after it!
Hassan Chattha
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Bio: Founder of Closed over $4,000,000 as a sales rep. Built 7 & 8 figure sales teams. Trained over 100+ sales reps.
Gonzalo Seré
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Bio: Social Media Creative
Alvaro Menendez
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Bio: .
Paula Barreto
Barcelona • ESFP
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Bio: Directora de Operaciones de Start Lab LLC.
Agustin Nievas
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Bio: 20. From Argentina. Founder @growingco the biggest info-product portfolio in Latin America.
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Samuel Alba
25. From Argentina Currently working with GrowingTM as a sales closer. Inspired by the greatest in the industry and excited to travel the world.

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Joined Apr 6, 2023
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