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Deirdre Ladson
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Bio: Adventures, laidback, patient and kind
Hope Dankwah
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Bio: I’m a General Manager for a fast casual concept. I’m interested in learning how to apply facilitation into my career.
Adanma Yisa
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Bio: Your crush's favourite facilitator
Resa Aristomene
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Bio: @CoachResa / Leadership Coach + Facilitator / Talent Development Manager / I help high-achievers develop more fulfilling WORK-LIVES.
Kai-Nneka Townsend
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Bio: Programme Manager and Burnout Coach
George Jones
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Bio: New to the program. Background in financial services, procurement, lean 6s, and engineering. Thats all for now.
Jermaine Ward
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Bio: I'm a talker and thinker. Ux Designer by day, teacher by evening, and gamer through the rest of the night.
Shannan Humes
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Bio: Southern in the big city. Innovating one amazing "product" at time.
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Samuel Adaramola
I'm a co-founder of a boutique creative studio looking to find the best ways to collaborate with my team and clients.

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Joined Feb 9, 2023
Washington, DC
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