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Pearce J
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Bio: 20
Keelan Woodlin
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Bio: Just trying to improve
Theodore Kaskanis
Greece • ENTJ
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Bio: 15-year-old Greek Male Committed to personal growth Programmer
Kareem As
• Active 50d ago
Bio: “I’ve got God on my side”
Nico V
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Bio: .
Younes Wullen
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Bio: Future entrepeneur
Be Yond
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Bio: ..
Šimon Mácha
Czech • INFJ
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Bio: I overthought what to write here during one of my meditating sessions... Former procrastinator
Dequavious Pocahontas
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Bio: .
Leon Karetkin
• Active 27d ago
Bio: teenager on his journey on becoming an entrepreneur, just starting out on YouTube - focusing on manifestation, aesthetic, and self improvement
Adrian Duszak
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Bio: .
Geoffrey Reynolds
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Bio: My name is Geoffrey.
Fotis Malekakis
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Bio: I'm pursuing improvement in my weak aspects, for the sake of a life worth living..
Kasun Jayasinghe
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Bio: I’m Kasun from Sri Lanka. 34 years of age. Currently working as a freelance graphic designer
Trevis Plechinger
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Bio: Hi!
Mark Lucas
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Bio: 18 yo
Dylan Collins
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Bio: 18
Zarrar Sami
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Bio: Young man in the unrelenting pursuit of betterment
Kasper Zobbe
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Bio: Hey bro, i'm 14 years old.
Arthur Olesen
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Bio: Here to learn and grow
Bastiaan Peters
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Bio: 17, Netherlands
Nacho De la Peña
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Bio: building my dream life
Yunus Groth
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Bio: 🇩🇪
Jons Stuff
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Bio: Him as you know
Yash Venom
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Bio: A 17 year old who's just trying to be the best version of his self!
Nicolás Rueda
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Bio: Im a med student in Colombia
Sandim Silwal
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Bio: Life is the only path to death
Enrique Adame
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Bio: 15 years old on self improvement
Joshua Vidmar
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Bio: Keep improving.
Osmar Rangel
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Bio: Psychology
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Sammy Nathan
The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!

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