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Helen Chavez
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Bio: Seasoned social media specialist with 4+ years of experience in developing and executing successful social media campaigns across multiple platforms .
Cat Kijkla
Australia β€’ ISFJ
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Bio: Money coach for immigrants | From paycheck to paycheck β†’ $50k+ in saving | Build healthy money habits | Simple, actionable, no fluff coaching.
Catherine Cheng
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Bio: Startup Founder. Business Mentor. Angel Investor.
Oonagh English
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Bio: Burnout Prevention Coach // Giving you the tools to get past breaking points in Business
Luisa Kertusha
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Bio: I am a Freelancer in Digital Marketing and I want to have extra income. I want to be a 7-figures millionaire.
Joe Bravo
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Bio: Lawyer, podcast, triathlete. I work with GSU, we help find and onboard the top 1% of offshore virtual assistants for law firms, lawyers, and owners.
Jesse Enderle
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Bio: Creative Professional with varied experience in the Entertainment and Service industries.
Katie Harp
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Bio: Hello!
Karthik V
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Bio: Freelance Video Editor , Who Loves To Edit Travel , Lifestyle and Talking Head Videos for Youtubers.
Kandy Leyva
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Bio: *
Seif Abugharib
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Temi O
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Bio: Building my laid-back business, brick by brick <3
Saluza Prabin
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Bio: Hi, I am Saluza. I am a Social Media Marketer.
Diana Stroe
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Bio: Love the sinner, then sell to them
Maria Spark
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Bio: I'm RN and Certified Health and Breathwork Coach. Working with people to manage stress and deal with anxiety.
Cristiane Vidal
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Kim Mcauliffe
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Bio: Even Wonder Women needs a life: I help high-achievers stuck in overwhelm make sustainable life upgrades that stick. 20+ yr HR L/ship, W/place Wellness
Chris Hettwer
wisconsin β€’ ISFJ
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Bio: Working on starting a business researching content ideas for sm. businesses just getting online/on social. Links here are for my parrot hobby site.
Rahul Shetty
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Bio: Hey there
Dafydd Lewis
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Bio: Dafydd Lewis, MarTech Strategist.
Cherie Tripp
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Bio: Health Coach helping high-achievers live a life with more balance, confidence, and energy!
Faisal Wahab Khan
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Bio: FB Ads Whitelabel Fulfillment | Media Buyer
Sarah Ukot
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Bio: Lifelong learner
Faisal Shah
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Bio: LinkedIn Guru
Emma Cheng
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Bio: Social Media Executive & Foodie!
Mark Gagnon
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Bio: I offer curated gift trends to consumers for any occasion on my store, Mutti Direct.
Festy Uwabs
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Bio: Digital marketer
Irina Rumma
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Bio: Soziale-Media-Expertin trifft auf Business-Fotografie – gemeinsam bringen wir QualitΓ€t in deine Sichtbarkeit.
Angie Draca
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Bio: I’m a senior coach with PEPWorldwide. My goal is work with leaders who value their peoples health and want them to have work life satisfaction.
Tracy Valleau
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Bio: Master photographer and printer
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Salina Yeung
Hi πŸ‘‹ I’m Salina - your LinkedIn Business Strategist. I help Entrepreneurs create follow-worthy personal brand + convert connections into clients.

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