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19d ago 
$3k month as a 16 year old Indian
Been in the space for 2 months. My first month, February, started off with $500. Not bad for a 16 year old from a third world country like India (got the accent too) Just kept going with the outreach, optimized along the way and am ending March with $3000. Scaling up pretty fast. Service delivery is still a work in progress, but once that's sorted... 100k/mo isn't far Also, if anyone has any experience in appointment setting for solar, please let me know, would REALLLY help. and for the people starting out, just know that if I could do it, with all the so called "disadvantages" like my accent and age, you can too. Just don't stop outreach.
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Whats your outreach method?
Smma website and business account in india.
Hey guys , I need help from Indian smma owners . First of all I don't have much knowledge about website so is there any YouTube video to help me with that or atleast tell me what type of website should I set. And from where you did it( also is website important in the beginning) Other question Do I need a gsuite , how much did you pay for it Lastly I am 16 yrs old so Do I need a business account for smma and I think I do so what should I do as I can not make my business account as my parents would say concentrate on studies , give any suggestions How would I do smma without an account, it would totally kill my plan Btw I am studying, working 9-10 hrs daily balancing both my studies and smma. Thanks for your help.
New comment Feb 23
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Dont overcomplicate things right out of the gate. All you need is the following things: 1. you dont need to open any business accounts . use PayPal and link with your bank account if you have any or your parents bank account to start collecting payments. 2. you dont need to have a professional email. but having it makes you look authentic. you can use zoho mail free plan upto 5 users. 3. Everything is available on YouTube. So you can learn do by yourself. you dont need any course 4. Considering time, if you are really hungry to start your business. you need to sacrifice things and start working. even if. you are just 15 even if you make the things slow doesnt matter you have plenty of time by the time you come to college you will be having a fullfledge business that pours money. 5. if i would have started in your age i would be making millions by this time. so you are starting early thats a good thing
New sales call recording in FFNF sales course
This one is full of gold. Learn to say what I say and how I say it and you'll close deals like CRAZY. Don't have the course? Get it here:
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Is price got increased ? Just a week ago it was $497. I took my card to purchase today and now its $947 . Seems like i missed a great deal.
Feb 14 
Small win
@Michael Mignogna just wanted to say thanks for all the content I’ve now been able to successfully retain a client using your hope framework ads.
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Just wondering you're still running ads? i heard its winter, slowest season for roofers?
Best season for Roofers
i have cold called a bunch of clients who are interested but don't want to do it right now, some said they want to start in May. Like when is the best season for roofers? i heard its winter right now till feb. when can i start outreaching ?
New comment Feb 15
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