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START HERE: Welcome to The Breathwork Revolution!
Welcome to the breathwork revolution my friend! The tools, the technology and the tribe in this community have the power to change your world. And when you change Your world, everyone around you benefits. We’re here to transform, to grow, and to create a better life for ourselves and for others, so in that spirit there’s two simple things I want you to do: 1. Drop a post and introduce yourself. Where are you from? What are your passions? And most importantly - what kind of life do you want to create? 2. Like, comment and support at least 3 other people in this community. We’re doing this together, which means showing up together.  Stay tuned and watch this space! Good things are coming. Life is a mental game guys! Once you are leveled up on the mental side you can kiss goodbye the cycles of self sabotage and limiting beliefs. This is where you get to become the designer of your own life. Master of your destiny. Get ready.
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@Raj Dash this is the magic of the movement! People everywhere discovering so many others. Where can one find your work?
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@Youness Cherkaoui welcome! I love the 5-day challenge! I still use it almost daily. I just keep cycling through the practice as I see fit. Awesome way to start each day! Excited for you to learn! The 9D experiences are out of this world! Enjoy!
my Youtube channel
about breathwork is now up and running. I'll be placing a lot of (depends on my time), how to, short and long videos about different breathing techniques, breathwork information and see where my creativity leads me. All are welcome to check out my new channel. As per the usual youtube fare, please subscribe, like and share my videos. Since I'm also still learning, I would appreciate your constuctive criticism. Thanks Emile
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Subscribed. Enjoy the content thus far. Keep it coming!
My note to self for today
Sometimes when you aren't looking, you find exactly what you needed.
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@Joana De Almeida very true. It's just all of a sudden there it is and you're like, Yes! That's it! That's where I need to take myself
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@Lm G yes, letting go is hard. Lately I've been trying to look at it not like letting go, but moving forward. Recognize where I was/am and focus on where I want/am going.
When all else fails, breathe...
When all else fails you, when you don't know what to do, tune into your body and notice your breath.... . It has the power to restore your energy, powering you up for the duties you are called to perform or as a simple act of renewal. It has the power to give focus & clarity in times of confusion and indecision, strengthening you from the inside out. It is the source energy that can slow you down in stress filled moments, bringing you back into balance,, into the now. And at the end of your day, the breath remains your faithful friend & guide, leading you into rest for your replenishment. When you take time to notice your breath, it serves you in all things. And breathe... The Self-Care Elixir Wishing you peace of mind... ❤️🙏🏿❤️
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My note to self for today
If someone tells you 'you can't', they really mean 'I can't'.
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@Yvonne Bignall that is both the great part AND the hard part.
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