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Sandro Norton
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Bio: World class Musician with collaborations with some of the best musicians in the planet
David Young
Poole, UK • ENTJ
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Bio: I get hyper-premium prices for Entrepreneurs wanting to sell & Exit, without wrecking retirement | M&A Expert | Great 25-year track-record for sellers
Dawn Fleming
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Bio: Attorney turned Alchemist - I believe in a world where on your deathbed, you never look back and think “what if?”
Futch Name
Vancouver, BC, Canada • INFJ
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Bio: I teach music makers of all kinds how to write, record, edit & mix better songs at home by teaching them the timeless fundamentals of music production
Keisha Foster
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Bio: NA
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Royshell Lamari
I am a vocalist, sound engineer and nerd. I am a reformed nomad that knows more about Apple products than the law allows (former employee)

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Houston , Texas
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