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Chinonye Nwaokelemeh
Dallas, TX
• Active 266d ago
Bio: The Finance Pharmacist - financial advisor helping clients grow and protect their wealth while financially protecting their families at the same time
Diamond Bell
Memphis, TN
• Active 371d ago
Bio: Virtual Assistant|Full Time Mommy to 1💕 A remote & trusted asset for you and your business! 👩🏾‍💻
Brian Nicholls
• Active 429d ago
Isha Clemetson
• Active 108d ago
Bio: Nursepreneuer - Caribbean. I love to travel and hang out with friends, go on mission trips, and especially winter (for a Caribbean girl - right ;) )
Kim McCullom
• Active 268d ago
Bio: I am a retired teacher looking for my next! This is all very new to me but very intriguing. Searching and seeking for what God has in store for me.
Brandi Apetsi
• Active 373d ago
Bio: I am currently an IT Support Engineer. Currently building brands for a few YT channels.
Karolyn Marshall
• Active 284d ago
Bio: Left federal government to pursue passion in delivering exceptional customer service for the Black consumer. I am an author, speaker, coach & trainer.
LaSharon Oliver
• Active 397d ago
Bio: I’m an entrepreneur who is interested in becoming a life coach.
Gwendolyn Sewer
• Active 160d ago
Bio: Artist Educator , interested in brand building, publishing, product design and much more.
Lorenzo Lewis
• Active 60d ago
Bio: Ordained Minister of the gospel. Husband, father, and grandfather . Currently works from home, for The Home Depot.
Vanouche Gervais
• Active 365d ago
Bio: I am a therapist interested in bringing my skills to teach people that looking & feeling good impacts your mental health in so many ways.
Gibran Jones
• Active 110d ago
Bio: Meta Certified Lead Trainer, SEO, Nerd, Philanthropist, BJJ Brown Belt Father Husband Nupe 👌
David Bereit
• Active 49d ago
Bio: Christian, husband, father, speaker, strategist, leadership mentor.
Taranika Hurt
• Active 110d ago
Bio: Looking to share my stories and experiences with others to hopefully better someone else.
Cienne Burrows
• Active 373d ago
Bio: I am interested in learning more about financial freedom and building generational wealth.
Agyei Ekundayo
Raleigh, NC • ENFP
• Active 85d ago
Bio: Mental Health Activist for BIWOC who are traumatized by life after Age 40 😱 Loves crab legs. Left unsupervised. You had me at Skee-Ball 😜
Montique Miller
• Active 136d ago
Bio: Becoming the change I want to see!
Adrian Page
• Active 97d ago
Bio: I love to cook and entertain for family and friends. I'm also really good with money.
Jamese Lewis
• Active 44d ago
Bio: I am a Pastorpruener. I am interested in church growth and development. I enjoy new technology tools, I am always looking for something interesting.
Sobeida Mateo
• Active 68d ago
Bio: Hi I’m sobeida trying to achive the best version of me.
Keila Legall
• Active 334d ago
Bio: Hello! I help amazing women rediscover themselves after loss.
Toyosi Osinowo
• Active 376d ago
Bio: I am a deep thinker that also happens to be a creative. I love cultivating dialogue with others while also sharing my creative side
Brunelle Cinous
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
• Active 287d ago
Bio: Attorney Mom. Interested in child advocacy, homeschool education, wellness, and breaking generational cycles for youth.
Rayna Ellison-Content Creation
• Active 110d ago
Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Rayna, I'm 25, and I'm a psychology major. I'm interested in encouraging and helping others reach their God-given potential!
Shenika Jones
• Active 454d ago
Bio: Single mom, launching a new mental health counseling practice! Family, will you add me on IG? @drshenikajones Thanks :)
Christina Decrees
United States
• Active 258d ago
Bio: Hey there! I am interested in building a lasting legacy through inspiring books, journaling & creative content for generations to come!
LaMeca Sutton
• Active 319d ago
Bio: I’m an educator who is passionate about learning, and communicating! Words are my superpower.
Beryl McClary
• Active 14d ago
Bio: Wife Mom o6 Attorney Content Creator
Rokeya Knight
• Active 380d ago
Bio: Faith driven. Family oriented. Fun-spirited babyboomer-that's me! I am quite the introvert, but I love engaging with people & learning new things.
Marvin Williams
• Active 454d ago
Bio: I’m a husband, father continuing to learn, grow and honor God. I love family, anything automotive, lawncare, F1 racing and football. Go Hokies!
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Rosalind Osler
I am a care giver. I am interested in learning a new skill or how to work from home.

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Joined Feb 22, 2023
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