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Brian Hong
Washington D.C.
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Bio: Helping coaches, consultants, and service businesses automate their sales and marketing.
Lois Smith
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Anthony Thompson
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Bio: 40+ years in sales 30+ years in home improvement and home services.
Stuart Black
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Dan Wilkinson
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Bio: Buy & Hold investor. Entrepreneur. Current investor/wholesaler.
Abbas Rang
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Bio: Here to learn stuff
Rollin Johnson
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Bio: I want to be to pass the down to my son who hopefully will want to pass it to his daughter who I am holding. Time for work smarter not harder.
George Hunt
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J Vage
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Bio: Salesman for almost 50years.
Marie Simer
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Robert Power
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Bio: GR
Terri Derragon
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Kenneth Torok
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Bio: I looking for new ways to make myself better.
Cody Steele
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James Raeford
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Bio: I’m interested in learning how to sale final expense on the phone
Stephanie Johnson
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Bio: Life is better when you’re smiling!
Charkee Sease
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Bio: Mother of 3, glamma of 2.
Will Rodenkirch
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Bio: Human
William Slaughter
Dalton Georgia
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Bio: Fun Loving giant toddler!!!
Justin Bravo
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Bio: Fl📍
Billy Martin
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Steve DiMarco
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Bio: Ad Veteran
Mark Zofrea
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Bio: Will add later
Curtis ODoniel
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Fonda Johnson
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Seth Savoy
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Bio: Here to learn 😁
Carlette Bruce
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Mark Bressler
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Ciresa Davis
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Melody Jarvis
Lake Wales, FL
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Bio: I am starting over at 55, trying to grasp all this new technology. I am a mom of 4 and would love to leave legacy wealth for my family.
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Robert Charles
Owned A 5 Fig Home Services Biz & Pivoted To A Remote Services Model. After That, I Easily Scaled The Biz To 6 Figures Being 100% Remotely Operated

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Houston TX
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