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Bio: Tobi
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Bio: ES Futures trader using Bookmap
Cesar Londono
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Bio: 1
Ellis Dandy
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Bio: learning trader seeking to get better
Andrew Stokes
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Bio: Newbie trader
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Gary Deonarain
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Bio: 22 intraday forex trading
Ugur Agören
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Bio: Höflichkeit und Respekt wird bei mir sehr groß geschrieben.
Nicola Belfield
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Anne Ducrot
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Bio: Coucou
Tomasz Woźniak
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Bio: I am a beginner trader from Poland, 39 years old
Jan Michaelis
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Bio: Computer Guy at a local University. Nearing retirement. Seeking trading knowledge to be able to earn extra income in retirement.
Francesco Di Rita
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Bio: Ristoratore da tutta una vita, appassionato di economia e finanza, malato di trading da piu di venti anni(inconsistente da sempre,SIGH).
Gertschi Geyer
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Bio: Mich interessiert einfach Wirtschaft und Börse.
Andy Henz
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Bio: Geld ist eine Hure die niemals schläft
Andrea Di Marco
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Michael Doran
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Bio: Hi
Ilja Preis
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Bio: Arbeite in 3 Schichten bin verheiratet und habe eine Sohne
Mark Keen
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Bio: Nothing at the moment
Alex Mayolina
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Bio: Full time worker trying to get freedom!
Marco Basurco
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Yannick Beer
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Bio: Interesse für Finanzen und Investments seit 5-6 Jahren (Krypto, Aktien, Trading, Investieren,...)
Lucas Michels
Trier • INFJ
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Bio: Where attention goes, energy flows.
Saeed Shirmohamadi
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Bio: I am an electrical power engineer and also interested in trading
Anita Leicht
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Bio: ..
Darrell Schwerman
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Bio: Beginner at day trading. Want to learn more so that I can overcome paralysis by analysis.
Denyze McRae
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